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Butler County, Ohio, located in the southwest portion of the state is comprised of about 16 cities & towns, ripe with cultural and historical significance (More on that in a later post), providing something for just Mom & Dad or the whole family!

We were invited down, courtesy of the Butler County CVB, to explore just a few of the many experiences they have to offer.  We initially started our journey with no idea what to expect (not even being fully aware of where Butler County was), but found out soon after checking into our hotel, that this would be nothing like we could've expected!

We invite you to check out our reviews and video's of our experiences and you'll soon realize that there is more to this hidden gem in Ohio than just Ikea, Papadeaux and Top Golf!

As we want you to experience the county in phases, please check back often as we will add new reviews from our journey each week! I'm sure that before the end you'll also be ready to "Get To The BC!"

Also, providing full disclosure, our trip was compensated by the Butler County CVB and the many establishments we visited, however, our reviews and opinions are honest and were not up for sale.  Since this trip, we've even come back on our own dime to continue the adventure!


Stay tuned for our next installment of

"Get To The BC!"

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