Lighthouse Point

Lakeside Cabins & Campground

For everyone born in the 80's & earlier a quick pop culture quiz!

What comes to mind when you see a Campground next to a Lake & out of nowhere hear random panic inducing screams?

Yep, Camp Crystal Lake!

Thankfully, the terror filled screams you hear aren't the result of helpless people running for their lives from Jason Vorhees, but instead the source can be traced to scores of riders of Cedar Point's world class Roller Coasters and attractions located just a few hundred yards away from you!

Welcome to Lighthouse Point, nestled along the tip of "America's Roller Coast" at Cedar Point Amusement Park, a new way to vacation awaits you!


Rather you plan to stay in a Cabin or your RV, Lighthouse Point affords you many additional amenities to make sure your stay leaves you with no wants or worries!

On the grounds next to the registration desk you'll find the Camp Store.  To add a quick footnote, as a youngster, Lighthouse Point was known as Camper Village, a quaint RV only campground with a small "A Frame" Chalet that served as the Registration Desk and camp store with a very select amount of items available for purchase.


Fast forward and Camper Village is now Lighthouse Point & the camp store is more akin to Walmart, stocking everything you need from food & snacks to beer and souvenirs.  We actually called ahead to see if they carried specific items we needed so that we could lighten our load, lessening the amount we needed to bring along (it goes without saying that with a family of 8, we're already hauling enough).

For the days you don't feel like going to Cedar Point Shores (says no one ever), you can hangout at the pool and large sundeck.  This was a plus for us as we were drained after a full day in the park and the kids loved the Splash Pad while we sat in the Hot Tub & watched them play while the cool breeze from the lake cooled us all down.

While there are no restaurants within the campground, a quick stroll down the boardwalk to Hotel Breakers will bring you to Tomo Japanese Hibachi Grill, Perkins Restaurant & Bakery, TGI Fridays & Toft's Ice Cream.

Also, Domino's Pizza is the exclusive pizza chain that delivers to Cedar Point Resorts! So just Look for the various "Hot Spot" logo's on the ground and place your order!

RV Campground

First off, it's very important to note that Lighthouse Point was voted "The Best RV Park In Ohio" by Readers Digest, which is a well deserved accomplishment!  Composed of RV sites to fit the taste of any traveler that enjoys "Roughin It Easy"


All spots include full hookups (electric, water, sewer), full concrete slabs, a picnic table and the option for either normal "Back-In" or "Pull-Thru" sites. Oh yea, lets not forget to mention CABLE & WIFI ARE ALSO INCLUDED! (hey, I did say Rough it easy remember).

The campground has 120 Full Hookup sites with 25 of them being "Ultimate Patio Sites".

The "Ultimate Patio Sites" Include the amenities of the regular sites plus:

  • 70 foot expanded slab (12 ft. wide)

  • Dinner Table with 6 chairs

  • Wood burning fire pit with Adirondack chairs

  • Additional seating area 

  • 2 person glider swing with lake views

  • Gas BBQ Grill

While you seriously can't go wrong with either option, the "Ultimate Patio Sites" add a lot of additional touches that help to enhance your outdoor experience.  Add to that, the wide open view of the lake and its definitely worth the upgrade price!

Cabins & Cottages

Looking to try something other than a hotel without owning an RV?  Then you'll definitely enjoy the Cabins & Cottages at Lighthouse Point!

We visited with several other families of varying sizes (ours being the largest, of course), and with 3 different levels of accommodations (Waterfront Cottage, Family & Deluxe Cabins) everyone was easily able to find a place to stay within the confines of their budget.

Deluxe Cabins

The Deluxe Cabins feature the following:

  • Main living room with a 42" Flat Screen Tv and 2 Futons

  • Master Bedroom w/ a Queen Bed & TV

  • Kitchenette w/ Microwave, Mini Fridge, Sink and Coffee Maker

  • 2 Full Bathrooms (Tub/Shower)

  • Upstairs Loft w/ 2 Queen Beds and TV's

  • Patio w/ Picnic Table & Charcoal Grill

  • Sleeps 10

We really enjoyed these cabins & were super surprised at how much room they offered.  Prior to arrival we wondered if we would be able to stand up in the loft area, well the answer is NO!  However, the kids could move around easily and both us adults & kids alike loved them having their own space and thought it was cool that the whole second "floor" was for them! With 2 TV's, they could play video games on one and watch TV on the other, leaving them no reason to argue.... In theory that is....

The two full Bathrooms were super helpful when it came to getting the large clan ready (keep in mind most hotel's only have one so there's usually a wait equal to a Saturday at your local DMV).  The two living room futons, when laid in the sleeping position, can be adjoined to form one large bed (thanks Mj for that revelation). 

The cabin was very relaxing and "homely", however there's nothing more relaxing on a family vacation than sitting back on your porch as the sun sets over the mountain range in the background. And by mountains I mean a collection of some of the worlds largest roller coasters.

Family Cabins