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diy waffle house

There's a late night beacon of hope that draws millions of adults with a magnetic type force towards its yellow and black marquee typically after midnight. You may know it as Waffle House. home of cheap grub, hash browns made 547 different ways (scattered, smothered, covered, chopped, chunked, dunked, fist pumped, you get the drift) and the best cheese egg's ever made. It's also the first and only breakfast choice of the 6 Kids Crew during the "non-vampire roaming" hours of the day!

With Covid-19 putting a stop to pretty much everything across the world, the one thing it didn't stop was the kids appetite and constant request to visit "The House". So they've been super bummed out that we can't grab chocolate chip waffles and Scoops favorite, menu item, hash browns whenever we want. So in an effort to keep the kids happy (and quiet), I did some research last week and was able to make some things happen...

I found out that for the first time in my lifetime (and possibly Morgan Freemans as well), Waffle House was giving us "House Heads" the rare opportunity to purchase none other than the actual secret recipe Waffle Mix and Hash Browns! A week later I received the package in the mail along with an instruction guide (making secret recipe waffles is equal parts art and science) and now we have the ability to make our favorite dishes at home! If only I could figure out how to make cheese eggs the way they do, but I guess they gotta keep somethings under wraps right? Each bag of mix makes 20 - 24 waffles and the Hash Browns come in a 3 pound box.

Available in limited quantities (this batch sold out within 45 minutes of becoming available) for a very limited time, click the link below to bring a bit of "normality" back to your life!

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ella harry
ella harry
17 nov. 2020

I love to eat a waffle with whipped cream along with green tea and it's my most favorite place to buy, but due to COVID-19 its too long I didn't go anywhere, so I tried to make it at home, and trust me it was too yummy, and I got my all favorite green tea flavors from now plz share more recipe and ideas, its a great fun to make something at home.

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