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Operation: Thanksgiving PT:2, Project "(im)Patiently Waiting"

So moving on with our "Operation: Thanksgiving" series (read about our "mission" HERE), our first big challenge is tackling this kitchen, the nucleus of the Thanksgiving experience!

In the prior post we touched upon the history of our home and the mods we've made so far.  In this post we will focus on the kitchen.

Kitchen before with builders flooring, ugh!

The kitchen had the original builders laminate flooring down which was white and seemed to be a twice a day job to keep clean. So a couple years ago we put down new flooring running from the front hall back then the innovation machine ground to a halt.  Until now... 

In addition, the appliances were the originals and were limping along on their last legs. In the classic "1990s" white color with no frills, the dishwasher has been reduced to a "Hot water oven" as it no longer cleans anything, just sprays hot water around and then steams your dirty dishes so you just end up with hot dirty dishes.

We did a lot of research and decided to head over to Big Sandys, the new emerging player in the Central Ohio market that has stepped in for the now shuttered HH Gregg.  With our minds focused on a Whirlpool, Stainless Silver set, we were disappointed upon seeing the fridge and discovering 1/4 of the inside was unusable due to the ice maker inside.

Our sadness was easily displaced when we looked just a few units over and saw the Samsung Hub. I'm sure you've seen them, the beautifully Jetons-esque refrigerator with the large touchscreen on the front that you cant help to equally want to play with and dismiss as a gimmick you don't need, especially in the face of its price point when compared to other non-futuristic ice boxes.

I wanted to do the same but had 2 factors working towards me, one I'm a huge electronics geek and two... the set was only a couple hundred dollars more than the set we came to purchase! Deal done!!! Delivery date set, one week!

Not So Fast Grasshopper...

Took off work to accommodate the half past 12 delivery time and BOOM doorbell rings!

First came the oven in all her glory with a digital display, big steel-esque knobs and a cooktop with 5 "eyes", a huge upgrade from our prior 4, This will be perfect for warming 5 pots of Ramen Noodles... I kid I kid 🤣🤣. The microwave trailed behind and thank GOD we could finally see all the buttons, no more guessing where the "thaw" or "light" buttons were.. I can see them right there! I also took comfort in knowing that we could heat things up without wondering from upstairs who in the world was starting a jet engine up in the kitchen.. yea it was well past time to upgrade.

Next was the item I was waiting for, The Samsung Hub refrigerator, man this thing was a wet dream in a stainless steel box. The shelves can be configured in several different positions that allow us to store anything we want, which probably doesn't mean much to you but keep in mind that prior to we were using a fridge with almost 20 year old technology. Oh and that touchscreen, beautiful.  More on it's features in a later post.

So the install is almost complete and we are well on our way to having a 2018 kitchen! Then it happens...

"Sir, we cant deliver the dishwasher because it's dented up"

Apparently when the unboxed the dishwasher on the truck they discovered it was damaged (how it got dented up inside a factory sealed box is beyond me but whatever), and would have to reschedule for when a new one is available. Ok, im not happy but things happen.

Fast forward 2 weeks, another day taken off work (thank GOD for vacation time), My doorbell rings and its the good people from Big Sandy's. I see the truck in my driveway, but the guy is empty handed. As i start to prop my front door open so that they will have enough room to get in without denting my door frame and walls (something Value City knows nothing about), a familiar phrase is spoken....

"Sir, we cant deliver the dishwasher because it's dented up"

wait... WHAT???

Apparently, upon arrival, they unboxed the second unit and it TOO was dented up. Now this is borderline comical, how do you have TWO brand new units and both of them are dented upon opening? Is the Quality Control inspector at BOTH Big Sandy and Samsung named RAY CHARLES?!?!?

I called to the store and was basically told they are not allowed to open the boxes before delivery because units were being damaged ON the truck en route to their delivery destinations. Well I told them this makes 0 sense as apparently they are either being damaged at the factory, or STILL being damaged on the truck despite the box! Well nonetheless, I would have to wait until another unit was available for delivery in approximately 2 weeks. I made sure to let them know I would need to be compensated as this was my 2nd day missing work and would now need a 3rd!

Stay tuned for part 3 of "OPERATION: THANKSGIVING", Coming as soon as they can schedule my 3rd attempt at delivering an undented dishwasher. Until then i'll just look at this relic of a dishwasher and play with my fridge!

Read Pt.1 HERE

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