Updates Galore!

Hello everyone! As i'm sure is the case in your home around this time, with the pandemic continuing and us being in the valley of holiday season, things have been hectic!

We have some updates for you to checkout that you'll love! A new, cool restaurant (that happens to be in a train passenger car), A video update with new information about a relaxing getaway and a follow up to one of the coolest resorts in Ohio's Wine Country! Oh and not to mention, a legendary Italian restaurant that will make a believer out of the staunchest critic! Be sure to check them out below..

Buckeye Express Diner

Cedar Stables Boutique Hotel

The Lodge At Geneva On The Lake

Sortino's Little Italy

These places would make great holiday break getaways or the perfect stocking stuffer! Save some time and give an experience for the holidays!

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