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Aside from gambling, the lifeblood of Vegas is unequivocally it's nightlife.  With each resort including their own club (most infact with several under the same roof), Finding something to do after the sun sets is never an issue!  I would be remiss however to overlook the fact that just as nightclubs are important after the sunsets, the party actually starts during the daytime at many of the pools on the strip as pool parties foster just as much adrenaline as their night time counterparts.

Rather it's "Drais After Dark" or a Day pool party at Marquee, the world is your oyster in Vegas 😁. Unless you're a high roller, two things are for certain when it comes to these events, 1. You're going to have to wait in line and not the kind of lines you wait in at your hometown clubs (unless you live in NY or LA), but like amusement park lines! 2. These clubs aren't cheap, at all, especially for men.  Sometimes, while waiting in line, the price of admission will continue to go up, SERIOUSLY! While women's admission generally is $25 to $50, Men will usually pay anywhere from $50 to $150 (you read that correct), and up.

Now remember this is Vegas so there are pretty much always alternatives for anything you want to do.  During our first trip years ago while walking on the strip we were approached by different companies offering a "Club Crawl", which in a nutshell allows you to visit several clubs / bars for one price.  Seeing this as a deal we decided to give it a try!

We used the services of 2 companies and they were cool but we didn't go to the real hot spots in town (Rule of thumb, if there's no line after midnight, its not where you want to be).  On our third trip we ran across another crawl company, Supreme Club Tours and after our experience with them, let me just say we've been back 6 times because there's no comparison.

With Supreme, the format can change depending on the night but during the last trip we started out and met at a bar on the strip, where everyone got a free round of drinks and it was basically a chance to meet the other people on the crawl with you which is cool because you'll be rolling together for the next few hours so why not get acquainted.

After that we took about an hour or so ride on a party bus around the strip with the group jammin to music and best of all, FREE LIQUOR!  This was a win win because one you get to see the strip in a luxury party bus and the drinks are flowing at the same time!

Next its GAME TIME! 

Where as on a typical night going to a bar and then riding a party bus with free drinks would be the ideal evening, however this is Vegas Baby right!?!  

This is where The Supreme Team shows you what a real Vegas night is!  After the aforementioned events, you then goto not one but TWO "super clubs" and on top of that, NO waiting in line! 

You get all of this for a fraction of what your would normally pay to get into ONE CLUB... SERIOUSLY!

In addition to Nightclubs, Supreme also offers Day & Pool Party Crawls!

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