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Aloft Hotel Westerville

Aloft Hotel

When you happen to be parents to 7/8ths of a Baseball team, alone time for a few hours, let alone a whole evening is about as rare as a purple Unicorn that knows the difference between conventional and synthetic motor oil.  So when Charisse & I found out that on a random Friday we would in fact have the whole night to ourselves, sitting in the house wasn't an option!

Over the last few months I observed a building being constructed on the corner of Heatherdown & State Street with my first thoughts that it would be another "town square" styled block of apartments, but once completed it was revealed that it would be an Aloft Hotel.  Mildly familiar with the name from prior web searches on travel websites but never on a personal level, I was longing for a chance to check one out and just as luck has it, this would be my chance!

First Impressions

Fast forward to Friday & we checked into Aloft in the evening after work.  As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, we knew we arrived at the right place.  With a modernized exterior and a "selfie" friendly sign (social media ready), the exterior had immediate curb appeal.  Upon entering we were greeted by the staff that quickly checked us in and gave us a full rundown of the Hotel that was informative and not drawn out (some hotels will keep you at the front desk so long that by the time they finish, it's time to check-OUT!)

The first floor is home to the Lobby, a "chill" area with a nice size elevated table perfect for getting some work done, relaxed seating and a game section with a free pool table, several board games, cards, poker chips and 2 Tic Tac Toe games that reminded me of something out of Brookstone I would purchase had it not been for the price tag.

Across the room is the WXYZ Lounge, which is the perfect place to wind down not only for guests of the hotel, but also locals as well!  There is a huge flat screen TV underneath a stock and news "Ticker" that runs 24 hours (I felt productive as I drank and watched the performance of my Cedar Fair stock roll by).  Several couches and chairs abound with a fireplace that instantly relaxes the vibe in a room that's anchored by the WXYZ bar.  

The Friday we attended just happened to be the same weekend as the Arnold Classic (as in "Get to thee choppa" Arrr-nulld), so the Lounge was extremely active but the 2 bartenders kept everything running surprisingly efficiently and were courteous, addressing everyone by name.

Another differentiating factor where Aloft differs from other establishments is WXYZ offers live music several times a week in addition to other special events like "Wine Down Wednesday" where you can sample flights of wine for $10.

Food Options

Aloft food options include a full menu at WXYZ which includes several well loved "simple dishes" done with a dash of style such as Street Taco's available with Shredded Pork or Fish (Charisse chose the latter and loved them) ask for extra drizzle sauce, I'm not sure if that's what its called, I mean I know that's not what its called but whatever it is, get extra! Quesadilla's, White Cheddar Mac & Cheese and my personal favorite, CBR Fries, which were seasoned fries in a cup smothered with Queso, Bacon & Chicken then drizzled with ranch.  I was sold on these when I saw Queso, but once I saw the other toppings, yea no reason to look any further.

For those late night cravings or the times you just need a snack, there is a full pantry available 24 hours a day.

Breakfast was unique as you will find absent any kind of pancake or waffle makers, cereal or any number of other dissatisfying options most chains pass off as a "Continental breakfast".  Instead Aloft offers "Re-Fuel" cups, available in 5 different options, Charisse ordered a "Classic Southern", which was Cheese Grits topped off wit a Poached Egg.  I myself went for the "Classic" which includes everything in the kitchen topped off with a poached egg as well.  The cups are a nice size and more importantly filling!  I would be seriously lying if I said that upon first inspection I didn't think that the cup was too small and the fact that it wasn't free had the cheapskate in me wondering how close Waffle House was (I'm being honest here).  But halfway thru my cup was I not only surprised at how good it was, I was also full, so yea, i'm glad I kept my keys in my pocket and didn't leave!  Definitely well worth the $7.

But How Are The Rooms?

So the main reason you visit a hotel when you have kid's is to relax and sleep in a bed WITHOUT KIDS pushing you out like you weren't the one that bought it!

Once you walk in the bathroom is to your right with a huge countertop and bright lighting, it feels like how I would design my home bathroom if I had money to do so 😒.  Everything has a modern vibe that flows from the lobby on to your room.  Something we really enjoyed when it comes to the shower is it felt really clean and includes built in soap and shampoo dispensers.  While this isn't a new concept, and I generally never use these for fear they've been tampered with prior, Aloft takes it a step further and has a lock added to them so you don't have to worry that you're playing russian roulette with your hygiene!  Which is comforting to know.

The bed was relaxing and the mood of the room is conducive to winding down with adjustable lighting and a huge Samsung TV mounted in front.  Keeping with the small town vibe, just above the headboard is an outline design of Downtown Westerville.

Outdoor Lounge / Pool

Outside you'll find in the center courtyard additional space to spread out lounge and socialize.  During the Spring and warmer months the outdoor bar is open with flat screen TV's, cornhole and other games to get people outside.  With plenty of space and seating, We will definitely be back to enjoy the additional activities.

The pool is accessible thru the courtyard or interior walkway and also has a sauna across the hall.  After looking at pictures prior to my visit I wondered if the boogie boards hanging from the ceiling were available to use in the pool, sadly they are only for decoration.  

Aloft Live!!!

Back in the lounge we enjoyed live music courtesy of "Frankie & Ranke".  A very talented two man group from Columbus that are equally very personable.  The intimate setting allowed everyone to interact and really have fun during the show.  Some artist will just sit up front and play music then once the show is over, pack up and leave.  Totally the opposite here as they not only took request and cracked jokes, they also per request, played for about 30 minutes longer than they were scheduled to! (Wagon Wheel is a song you must request when you see them!!)

Aloft has different artist come in and play each week and if the talent level is anything like "Frankie & Ranke", then your in for a good time each night.  I also highly recommend you check out F&R and see where they play next (If you don't happen to catch them at Aloft that is).  Check their schedule HERE and HERE

This is yet one more element of Aloft that makes creates a totally different experience over other hotels. The energy is ever present and makes you want to hang outside of your room and enjoy all the common spaces.

The Verdict..


This hotel is a great addition to the community of Westerville and offers so much for you to do, rather you are an overnight guest or just stopping thru after work to enjoy the lounge and courtyard.  With the close proximity to Uptown Westerville, it's shops and small town charm, Aloft makes for a perfect overnight getaway when the Grandparents are nice enough to keep the kids!

I would definitely recommend coming early so that you can take advantage of Happy Hour and really just ease your way into the evening.  Also Keep in mind the WXYZ Lounge offers special events like March Madness viewing parties and Wine Down Wednesdays, in addition to other many others, Make sure you follow them on Instagram to stay up to date on all events!

**Disclosure: Our overnight stay was provided in exchange for our honest review of Aloft Westerville, our views and words as always, remain our own**

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32 Heatherdown Dr.

Westerville, Ohio 43081

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