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Ravens Glenn Winery & Restaurant

West Lafayette, Ohio

Simply believing Ravens Glenn is just a Winery would be a huge misstatement.  Sitting in the countryside of eastern Ohio, just a short 15 minute jaunt from Coshocton lies what has been referred to as the "Crown Jewel of Wineries" but in actuality is so much more!

Resting along the peaceful Tuscarawas River, along whats known as the "Wine Trail" in Ohio lies Ravens Glenn, a fully functioning Winery / Vineyard / Restaurant / Tasting Room and "Ultimate Zen Recharging Station".

We first visited RG several years ago on a humbug for their Sunday Brunch after staying in nearby Roscoe Village and have been loyal fans ever since.

Upon entering the main facility you'll find yourself in the Tasting Room and Store where you can sample flights of different wines made right on these grounds!  More on this later...

Ravens Glenn not only boast a full scale winery, but also a top notch Italian restaurant with a full service menu to compliment those wine pairings.  Thanks to Olive Garden, the term "Italian Restaurant" is attached to any place with 4 walls that serves pasta.  However, displaying that RG is once again on a different level than most, the recipes used here were brought over from Central Italy by the owners Grandparents!  As they say, Taste The Difference!

Open 7 days a week seasonally and offering a Sunday Brunch (in addition to a Brunch Buffet on special occasions), The dining room is centered by a beautiful stone fireplace and chimney which rises to the apex of the wood vaulted ceiling.  On either side of the chimney are windows that provide a clear view of the charming Tuscarawas river busling outside.

From Buttermilk Pancakes and French Toast to Blackened Salmon Salad or Bang Bang Shrimp and pasta, the talents of the chefs are on full display for your choosing.  

Just outside the restaurant you'll find a spacious deck where you can stretch out and relax while enjoying your meal , glass of wine or just the calm serenity of nature. 

Our favorite time to enjoy the deck is Late Afternoon - Early Evening just as the sun starts its descent into the trees.  I swear if you time it just right, it makes the wine taste that much sweeter (Or drier depending on what your drinking).  On nights when they have live music playing this is definitely the best seat in the house!

Opened in 2003, Ravens Glenn opened producing 2,500 gallons of wine a year, In contrast today however they are making over half a million bottles (which equates to about 80,000 gallons) which are shipped worldwide right from this location!

Not just a Wine Store, RG is a full fledged winery where you can take a tour of the winery and learn about the winemaking process "From Grape to Glass", which is a pretty cool experience.

The Tasting room is also open where you can sample flights from what appears to be several thousand different taste and even have a glass or a whole bottle to take home or sit out on the deck and enjoy (we strongly recommend the latter of course).

Ravens Glenn is a full day destination in itself and with the close proximity of Roscoe Village and its lodging options, you can easily make this an overnight getaway.  Click the link below to find out more information about Ravens Glenn and their current events!  As always, let them know we sent ya!

Visit Ravens Glenn!

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