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Cincinnati dinner train

Cincinnati, Ohio

Tired of the same ole thing and looking for something new to do on a date night with your better half?  The movies are cool, but im sure you've been going on dates there since before you had to pay taxes.  Out to eat is a no brainer of course, but you want something a bit different.....right?

Did you realize that time travel is possible without the aid of a Delorean, garbage and Doc or Marty Mc'Fly?  Well it is! By simply driving just over an hour south of Columbus, Ohio, to the northern outskirts of Cincinnati, you can actually land in a bygone era where train travel was the luxury way to go.

The era is the 1940's and a gallon of gas is 11 cents, Mt. Rushmore and the Pentagon are both completed, a Ford Super Delux Coupe will run you $1395 and a new house on average runs $3,920.  In addition, the average median income is $1725.

Welcome aboard the Cincinnati Dinner Train, a unique dining / sightseeing experience that will definitely stand out when it comes to experiences.

Your coach will depart Saturday evening and begin a 3 hour journey along 2 seperate lines that at times will ride along the Ohio River and past several historical sites during your ride.  The ambiance is relaxing as you peer out of your window during the evening hours and conversate via candlelight. 

You have the choice to either take a sightseeing trip or immerse yourself in the full experience and enjoy a four course meal along with your journey. In regards to the menu, You'll receive a light appetizer for the first course and a fresh tossed salad for the second.

The main course provides you with 4 options to choose from:

- Chicken Breast in white wine sauce

- Salmon with a spicy hoisin glaze

- A Vegetarian and Vegan selection

- Prime Rib (My personal favorite, cooked to order)

All selections come with a Potato Du Jour, Seasonal Veggie and choice of Tea or Water.

With desert being your fourth course, you can choose from Pecan Pie or Strawberry Cheesecake.

The train consist of 4 dining cars and an additional car with a cash bar and lounge area.  Most tables seat 4 (with a small number of 2 person tables) and trains usually fill to capacity so as a special tip, if you would like to insure that you have a private table for you and your significant other, book at 3rd ticket and make note when booking your reservation.

You can also book for larger groups and rent a train car out for a birthday or getaway with multiple couples!

I highly reccomend you give the CDT a try as it is truly an unique experience that is very rare in this day and age and will serve as the perfect backdrop to a night you won't soon forget!

Coming September 2nd 2018, their will be a special Labor Day Firework Train running Downtown!  What better way to have a great meal, enjoy fireworks and best of all perhaps, not have to worry about traffic!

You can contact the CDT by calling 513-791-7245!

Your ticket to the 40's awaits you!

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