Warning: If you're allergic to relaxation, not a fan of "roughing it easy" and not fond of enjoying life away from the chaos of the city?  Well then The Lodge At Geneva On The Lake is not the place for you.


But if you're NOT one of the aforementioned people, then The Lodge is without question where you want to be / won't want to leave.

The Lodge

Visiting the lodge was a 5 year process because well let's face it, when you have a child every couple of calendars there's not much time to vacation.  Well anyways after 5 years of researching our expectations were sky high and from the moment we walked into the grand lobby they were instantly validated.

The lobby is large and wide open with 180 degrees worth of windows allowing natural light to drift in during the day.  There are several seating areas allowing you the opportunity to unwind outside of your room, however the one that consistently called my name was the collection of couches arranged around the stone floor to ceiling fireplace.  During the evening of our visit it was rather chilly and windy out so we spent a couple hours enjoying each others company and talking.

Lodge Rooms

Tucked within the walls of the lodge are 109 guestrooms with many featuring balconies or patios that provide one with sweeping views of the lake.  The hard part of making our reservation was deciding which room we wanted, after all there are 9 different types in all and we aren't the best when it comes to narrowing down options.

Pictured above is the Deluxe Double Queen with fold out sofa and the Premium King that features a fireplace and additional seating enabling you to unwind outside of the bed.  If you need a little more room to stretch out, also available are spacious suites with living rooms, kitchenettes and multiple beds.


If you're looking for something with a little more space and privacy there are also 25 cottages perfectly located right on the property, only a few steps away from the lodge.  Each features a kitchenette, 2 bedrooms, fireplace, 2 flat screen tv's & sleeps 6.

While each cottage is identical in design and accommodations, there are 3 different "levels" available based upon location in reference to the lake. 

Premium - Provide you with the best unobstructed views of the lake

Deluxe - Partial views of the lake

Standard - These units are around a courtyard and not in a direct line of sight of the lake however, they are the closest to the parking lot and lodge and are only a 10 second walk away from the shoreline.

I figured that since it took 5 years to get here (& hopefully not as long to get back), I wanted to try out their most recent accommodation, so I opted for the Premium Cottage and understand me clearly when I say we were NOT disappointed.  The cottages were nice and bright with several windows that allowed natural light to waifer in just as it does in the lobby of the lodge.  Filled with upgrades abound, you can easily see that a heavy emphasis was placed on being able to unwind in comfort.

Decked out with a subtle nautical theme each room flows into the other. The living room was spacious and so comfortable, it put us in a difficult situation as we didnt want to move when it was time for dinner because it's not everyday we get to watch movies with just us cozied up in front of a fireplace, but eventually we gave in and got up.  When we returned from dinner we sat in the rocking chairs on the front porch and watched the late fall sunset over Lake Erie, the perfect way to cap a romantic evening.

I would be amiss to not mention how nice the bathroom is, with glass shower doors and granite touches on both the shower wall and vanity top, everything feels super modern.  Plus don't worry about bringing soap as there are built in dispensers in the shower providing Bath and Body Works shampoo / conditioner and body wash!  

Chip and Joanna Gaines couldn't have designed a better cottage!  Yes, the cottage is that nice!

Aside from the beauty of the interior of the cottages, an additional strength are the grounds in which they are located.  Pathways crisscross past the entrances to the cottages and trace the shores of the lake around the perimeter of the lodge.  There are several gas fire pits within the common areas of the cottage grounds, providing extra incentive to enjoy the outdoors year around.  You also have access to use all lodge amenities including both the indoor and outdoor pool / spray pad.

Tip: If you stay in a Standard Cottage, see if you can reserve number 2 as the firepit is directly out front of your door or if you have kids, see if a cottage that abuts the playground is available  allowing you to watch them from your "property".

Additional Features

As if everything mentioned prior wasn't enough, there are several additional amenities that make The Lodge a well rounded resort:

  • Bike Rental - While you're a guest of The Lodge, you can enjoy complimentary bike rentals which are perfect for enjoying the many pathways or riding the "Strip" thru town.

  • Pools - Outside is a huge pool and spray pad that will keep yourself and any kid in your party entertained.  During the winter months, relax in the heated indoor pool located at the back of The Lodge.

  • Horizon Restaurant - A grand restaurant located inside the lodge, uniquely shaped in an octagon configuration, this allows you to have expansive views of Lake Erie while dining.  A perfect place to enjoy fine dining via a seasonal menu and indulge in some of the regions finest wines.  Featuring a morning Breakfast Buffet, Brunch on weekends, and daily Lunch & Dinner.  During the nicer months there is an outdoor patio putting you even closer to the lake.  

  • Horizon Lounge - Not up for dinner, stop by the Lounge and catch a live sporting event or engage in social hour while enjoying your favorite drink.  If you happen to stop by while Kendra is bartending, ask  for a "Cafe Old Fashioned", Being that I typically don't stray away from Tito's vodka, when she suggested I try something different, admittedly I was leery but she was right on the money!

  • Gift Shop - Left something at home? No worries! The gift shop is stocked with snacks, bathing suits, toiletries and many other things to keep you from having to find a Walmart.  You can also find the perfect gift here from wine, GOTL apparel and area specific home decor.

  • Fitness Center - It's definitely hard to find motivation to workout while on vacation, however the fact that the fitness center looks out at the lake should be the spark you need.

  • Wine Shuttle - Being in Ohio's Wine Country isn't a fact to be overlooked and as a guest of the lodge you are able to take full advantage and visit local wineries via the shuttle that provides front door service.  Enjoy the wineries the safe way and allow someone else to drive.  Note: An additional fee is required for the shuttle.

Will We Return?


An old saying I was always taught as a youth was "The Last Shall Be First" and those words have never rung truer than after our visit to The Lodge.  How you ask? Well it was the last place we've visited, but it will definately be the first one we return to.

We had a great time during our visit and its important to note that we did so in November, during GOTL's offseason.  But when your mission is to relax, this is perfect as we had no intention of doing anything aside from enjoying each others company and The Lodge's environment is totally conducive to doing just that.

So no matter the season, The Lodge At Geneva On The Lake should top your list of places to visit!  Just dont wait 5 years like we did to find out 😁😂

Look For Yourself

Take a look at The Lodge via their live cam and then click the link below to find out more and make your reservation now! Why wait!  Have any questions or comments, drop us a line below!

Visit "The Lodge @ Geneva On The Lake's" official site HERE

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