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travel for close to Free!

So the reason you're here is because you'd like to travel and save money in the process right? Right! So continue!


Wyndham, the world renown hotel chain has a great offer you should take advantage of to save lots of cash and have fun in the Process! They have an offer to travel to many famous destinations including Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, Orlando, Panama City Beach and several others and stay for 3 nights for only $249!


There's a catch right?  Because there's always a catch right?... Well the only catch is you will have to attend a timeshare presentation for 120 minutes in order to fulfill your obligations but after that BOOM.. do what you want! 

Oh and there is an upside to this... After you finish your timeshare presentation (and if your like me, you've said NO 50,000 times) you get an AmEx gift card worth $200 that you can spend while on vacation like cash, so you end up paying $49 bucks for a 3 night stay!  They also offer 2 night stays for $199 but who wants to vacation for just 2 nights??? Plus, in addition to the aforementioned AmEx card, you'll also receive a voucher worth $100 to use at a later time towards a hotel stay somewhere else! Pretty Sweet deal!

Now when you call to book I'll give you some advice as was provided to me by the representative I spoke to (Thanks Travis).  They will try to sell you on the spot and get you to pay $249 over the phone, since they are commissioned "The Heat Is On" (Shout out to Glen Frey), use that to your advantage! I did..


Call at 11pm EST (This is right before they close)... I told them I needed to talk to the wife first and I'll call back.. well guess what? Magically $71 was knocked off the cost making the total $179 so in essence my trip was free and I made a few bucks back! (You still receive the $200 AmEx card)!!!!


Now this is how you really make it sweet if you plan to stay longer than 3 days, use this offer to pay for your hotel for the weekend days, which are typically the most expensive days to book, then after your reservation is made, call the hotel directly and pay out of pocket for the off weekend days (Thursday or Monday etc), now you've managed to squeeze the most out of each dollar!

One Last Tip:  Wyndham does not list all of the hotels this deal applies to.  In Vegas, they offer The Flamingo and another property off strip.  Travis let me know that this offer also can be used at the LINQ as well.  So once you find a destination, ask for the "Non Listed" hotels and that should widen your selection!

Now to just figure out what to use the extra cash you just saved on!


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