On the corner of Cleveland Road and Cedar Point Drive you'll find the newly renamed Cedar Corner Entertainment Complex consisting of the newly expanded Holiday Inn & Suites Hotel, Legendary Thirsty Pony Restaurant and gambling parlour, Cedar Lanes Bowling Alley & Laser Tag.

Passing by thousands of times over the years, I was used to seeing a packed parking lot out front, but this past March a new small sign that read "Cedar Stables Inn & Suites" had popped up and immediately made me do a Scooby Doo "Rent Ro?!?".  I immediately jumped online and what I Googled surprised me, this was in fact not just a hotel, but a pretty damn cool and unique one at that!  So fast forward a few months and the ole lady and I found a way to spend some alone together and check out The Stables.

The Past, Re-Imagined

Building upon the equestrian theme started by the Thirsty Pony, Cedar Stables is a 10 room boutique hotel that is really a one stop experience allowing you the option to rest or indulge in many different entertainment options, without having to step foot outside the building.  

Many years back on this site was the GreenTree suites hotel & Rain Indoor Waterpark, which has since been demolished sans 10 rooms, to build an all new Holiday Inn & Suites (as of this writing, the waterpark remains but is currently shuttered pending its removal.... sadly).  These 10 remaining rooms and its accompanying wing have been reimagined with new doors and theming that make for a totally new experience.

Your Personal Stable

Available are 4 different room styles featuring everything from Double to King beds accommodating 2 to 6 people.  We stayed in a King Stable Suite which has a 55 inch smart tv, microwave, mini-fridge, and mini keurig with a selection of 4 different k cups.

Now by 2019 standards, this is pretty routine for any hotel or motel worth its weight in key cards right?  What differentiates Cedar Stables from the rest of the pack is the extensive attention to detail that literally starts with your room door.

In this HGTV Era, basic is no longer acceptable and everything you do has to have an inspired "touch" to it.  From the moment you enter you just want to relax, the room just commands you to with a real feeling of home.  The small foyer has your mini fridge and to the left is a sliding barn door (emphasis on sliding as it's not a faux decorative item, it's functional).  Your stable has dark brown wood floors that match the rustic ceiling trusses above.

The bed is highlighted by a charming reclaimed wood headboard and topped with custom made in-house steampunk lighting with edison bulbs that give off a warm glow instantly helping you wind down.  Directly in front is a custom stone fireplace / 55 inch tv that make being lazy seem not so bad. 

Extra Surprises

So this whole experience was a surprise to us BUT little did we know that The Stables had another surprise awaiting us.

Upon check-in we were greeted and given a tour / full rundown by Jeanie, about everything in our room and it's origins (The Steampunk lighting was made by one of the maintenance crew and the wood beams were reclaimed from a local establishment).  By the way, Jeanie was super nice and never got tired of my barrage of questions, thank you!

One of the last things she told us on her way out was that as guest, we had access to the bowling alley and laser tag.  I was like "Oh Ok" thinking that she is just letting us know that the bowling alley was connected to the hotel, then she replied that we could use these facilities for free! Which is pretty damn unheard of and cool to provide.

Then she sweetened the deal by opening up the fridge, revealing a sample pack of 4 beers and a bottle of wine from the Sortino's family restaurant (if you're not aware of the Sortino's, I would say they probably have just as much history, influence and power in Sandusky as Cedar Point). Also among the free items were chocolate candy buckeyes and a bag of some damn good Carmel Corn from Bay Popcorn, located in downtown Sandusky.

Free Beer, Bowling, Wine, Snacks and Laser Tag? Now that's hospitality!

Oh Yea, because the room is so comfy and Cedar Stables is all about relaxation, go ahead and sleep in... Checkout isn't until NOON!!!!!

For more information or to book your stay, CLICK HERE.  Have you stayed at Cedar Stables before or want to? Drop us a comment below!

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