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On the corner of Cleveland Road and Cedar Point Drive you'll find the newly renamed Cedar Corner Entertainment Complex consisting of the newly expanded Holiday Inn & Suites Hotel, Legendary Thirsty Pony Restaurant and gambling parlour, Cedar Lanes Bowling Alley & Laser Tag.

Passing by thousands of times over the years, I was used to seeing a packed parking lot out front, but this past March a new small sign that read "Cedar Stables Inn & Suites" had popped up and immediately made me do a Scooby Doo "Rent Ro?!?".  I immediately jumped online and what I Googled surprised me, this was in fact not just a hotel, but a pretty damn cool and unique one at that!  So fast forward a few months and the ole lady and I found a way to spend some alone together and check out The Stables.

The Past, Re-Imagined