We recently had the chance to visit Belamere suites in Perrysburg, Ohio as a birthday surprise and immediately knew I HAD to tell you about it.  A truly unique experience that was well worth it. 

Belamere is an adults only all suites hotel with a focus on relaxation, while affording you the opportunity to totally disconnect from the stresses of everyday life and focus purely on your partner.  

You can find a couple of other establishments that may seem to offer similar accommodations, but I can tell you with 100% certainty, Belamere is a 1 of 1 that continuously ranks in the top 1% of several polls in many categories.

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We realized this escape would be a much different experience immediately upon entering the lobby.  We were were welcomed by the concierge whom was outgoing and excited about our arrival.  She introduced us to all the available amenities,  in addition to local restaurants that were worthy of mention.  She however was very confident that we wouldn't want to leave during our stay so she made sure to provide us with a list of of establishments that also would offer delivery. 

The lobby is stocked with items to compliment your stay and "Enhance your romance", if you will.  Aroma Therapy bath oils, Make your own Mimosa kits, love locks (more on these later), Chocolate Covered Strawberries and our personal favorite, Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Now yes, in theory there's nothing outstanding per se' about cookies but at Belamere, no matter if it's 3pm or 4am in the morning, give the front desk a call and they'll bake a dozen for you on the spot and deliver them to your room.  If you're like myself, you can't fully enjoy cookies in the middle of the night without milk right? No worries, your dozen comes with a half gallon!

To Your Room..

After leaving the front desk we went to seek out our hideaway for the evening.  We found it a nice touch (and pretty damn cool) that your rental includes a garage, providing all the privacy and seclusion needed.  Simply pull in, close the door behind you and enjoy your escapism!  Additionally, inside the garage are 2 outdoor chairs that came in handy as we decided later in the evening to sit outside for a moment and enjoy some of the cool Fall evening air.

Now enough of the "fluff", let's get to the reason you're reading this (and the reason why we went)..

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the..."

Grand Royal Swimming Pool Suite

As you enter thru the garage and head up the steps you'll land in the bathroom, which is HUGE, like the size of most hotel living areas & features:

*Marble double vanity sinks  

*100 gallon jacuzzi tub

*2 person, marble walled walk-in shower with dual massaging shower heads

*Flat screen TV

*Bathrobes fit for the King & Queen of Zamunda

Separated from the bathroom is your Master Suite.  Equally as comfortable as it is cozy and fully designed with all the comforts of home.  You'll enjoy the:

*55" TV

*In wall Fireplace

*Separate seating area

*King size bed with a massive amount of fluffy pillows

*Dual Chandeliers 

NNow to backtrack just a bit.  When you first enter from the garage, before going up the stairs you'll notice what quite possibly caused you to make a reservation in the first place.  The Pool!

Your very own Swimming Pool room features:

*Your own personal Swimming Pool heated to a relaxing 92 degrees

*Built in Bluetooth / CD in suite stereo system

*Candlelight wall

*Adjustable lighting 

*2 person Sauna with built in CD Player

Get Out & Explore!

Ok so I know this is like the stupidest thing ever.  Why in the world would anyone with a functioning brain decide to get out and explore anywhere when they have this one of a kind room for the evening?  Trust me, I totally get it as the last thing on my mind was going outside, but hear me out.

On property there are several extracurricular places to visit.  We had no idea that the hotel sat next to a lake and had several places around to kick back and enjoy the water.  The tranquility adds another layer of relaxation to your stay.  

If you happened to be one of the millions saddened by the news that the Le Pont Des Arts bridge in Paris was losing the thousands of "Love Locks" placed on it over the years by people all over the world, then I have some positive news for you.


Belamere has it's very own "Bridge Of Locks", located adjacent to the aforementioned lake! Memorialize your weekend of romance by leaving your very own lock fastened to the bridge.

Both the "Bridge Of Locks" & the Lakeside seating areas are romantically lit up at night, so visit as you please.

Last but not least, all around the property you'll find signs and murals all themed around love / romance.  We found this to be a fun way to adventure around in an attempt to locate them all.

How Was Our Stay / Is Belamere Worth It?


 The best answer would be "Is Water Wet?" (translation: It's totally worth it!)

So earlier I forgot to comment on a crucial detail.  You may notice one thing missing thats standard in every hotel room (and dwelling for that fact) and thats windows.  Not a single one anywhere and for good reason (don't worry they weren't cut out of the budget to save Belamere on construction costs, although that would admittedly be a stroke of brilliance from a financial standpoint).  The lack of windows actually help you detach from both time and reality, leaving nothing to focus on but your partner.

This was a getaway unlike any we've ever experienced before.  The bed was overly comfortable and I mean seriously, what can top having your own swimming pool available whenever you are?  Visiting during the Covid pandemic did have us with reservations but all concerns quickly disappeared as we noticed every member of the staff worked diligently to maintain the highest of standards (I even noticed something that I haven't seen at any establishment, hotel or not and that was the front desk staff had a bucket for used pens and would provide a new one each time you needed to sign something).


A visit is a must do for a romantic getaway or even just a bit of alone time.  Belamere has several different room styles to choose from to suit your budget and taste, so take a look at their website and see what works best for you.  They do fill up fast and generally stay booked months ahead especially if you're looking for weekend dates however, if there is a date in particular that you'd like and its not available online, call the property and ask to be put on the waiting list.


The concierge was super helpful and took care of all our needs, leaving us with no wants.  We thank the staff for providing this romantic utopia and look forward to finding time to come back soon!

Check out our quick video tour below and drop us a comment!

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