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Lake Erie Love

People that do things for others without realizing the impact it has or how much it means... Are the best kind of people...

A special thanks to Andy Ouriel , whom saw our "crazy" story about driving to Cedar Point so Vegas could see his "happy place", (despite it being closed for the season), and decided to write about it in the Sandusky Register !!

Vegas lit up when I showed it to him and got so excited he thought we were going back (in due time, just not today 😁).

Click the link below to read!!

A special thank you to Andy Ouriel (aka The King Of #SteelVengeance 😱) Sandusky Register , the people of Sandusky, Ohio

& Ohio's Lake Erie Shores & Islands for always showing our "little big focus group" family nothing but #LakeErieLove . This, like the trip to CP, is something he will always remember!

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