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join our new fb group!

As you know, we pride ourselves in providing you with family friendly getaways and ideas to not only save yourselves money, but to maximize and add value to family time! But we also realize that to truly be effective parents, Mom & Dad need their alone time too!

After many trips over the last 11 years (27 but who's counting), we have decided to start our own Vegas Facebook Group, named "We NV LV" and we hope you will join us there!

This will be the place for US ALL (yes, including & most importantly, you), to share trip reports, videos, recommendations, discounts (have you heard of the $20 dollar trick?), photos, ideas and ask questions! Hey we may even have some ideas for kids too! Our goal isn't to make "We NV LV" the biggest Vegas FB Group, but the most USEFUL... Which is much more important.

Please click the link and join us! And while you're there, don't just be a wallflower, join in the convo!

Let's get to trip planning!


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