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Patoka Lake Winery

winery, Suites, Silo rooms & Floating cabin retreat
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Here at "6 Kids 1 Tank" our mission is to find new things to do while having fun in the process! This time we found a gem that's perfect for those rare times away from the kiddos!

Located in the southern Indiana town of Birdseye is Patoka Lake, the 2nd largest reservoir in the state.  Now I know reservoirs are common however the inspiration for this write up comes courtesy of what's in front of the aforementioned body of water.

The Patoka Lake Winery is a full function winery where you can learn about and observe the wine making process first hand.  Tours are available and can be scheduled prior to your visit.  Also onsite is the PLW Tasting Room, home to several award winning wines awaiting you to relax and enjoy a taste by the glass or bottle, indoor or outside on the beautiful porch.  The crown jewel of the property that originally raised our curiosity however was the availability to stay overnight in one of their unique suites.


PLW is the most unique winery we've seen thus far offering lodging attached to the building so you never have to leave the property! Right onsite you'll find 2 different options to choose from:

Winery Suites- Located above the winery, featuring a nicely appointed living room with relaxing seating, TV and a fireplace as the focal point.  Rest your wine glass on the granite countertop in your furnished kitchenette.  Afterwards you'll have no issue relaxing in the jacuzzi tub and drifting off to sleep in your King size bed.  I myself however am a night owl, so the ability to sit out on the porch and enjoy the suns decent as the stars rise is as close to perfect as can be.

Silo Suites - Two story silos that have been totally converted into your own personal home!  You'll find all of the same amenities as the "Winery Suites" plus more!


The first floor contains the aforementioned items with the addition of a half bath.  A quick journey up the curved steps (you're in a silo remember), will bring you to your King bed, full bath and jacuzzi tub.  Also, the Silo Suites come with two complimentary wine tastings, a tour of the winery production room and reserved parking!  A pretty cool way to make your stay "all inclusive".  

Floating Cabins

Now if the chance to stay in a Silo didn't catch your attention, then this next option certainly will.  Keeping pace with providing unique relaxation destinations, here at Patoka Lake you can also rent Indiana's first "Floating Cabins"!

Rather your visit includes just the two of you or a whole group, there's more than enough space available for you as you can choose from 2, 3, 4 or 6 bedrooms sleeping upto 12 people!


Floating Cabins are perfect for those who want the houseboat feel without getting behind the wheel. Each Floating Cabin comes with a complimentary private boat slip located steps away from it for ease of use. Guests are welcome to fish off the dock. The 2 and 3 bedroom floating cabins include a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, private state bedrooms, heat/air, towels, linens, deck furniture and a gas grill. These are especially affordable in the months of April, May, September and October when the lake is quieter. Here's a link to a recent video of the inside of a 3 bedroom Floating Cabin.


The houseboats are an even better deal during the "off season" of April, May, September & October. Our 4 bedroom houseboats (sleeps 8 in full beds) start at $695 for a Fri-Sun or Mon-Thurs during that time. The 6 bedroom houseboat (sleeps 12 in full beds) starts at $1,295 Fri-Sun or Mon-Thurs during that off season. That's $107 (plus tax) per person for 3 nights!


Visit PLW


If you're looking for a quick getaway that will allow you to park your car and disengage from the chaos that everyday life presents, PLW is your "Eye Of The Storm".  Here you can unwind, have a drink and just enjoy life as it's intended to be enjoyed.  You'll be hard pressed to find another retreat that includes accommodations as unique as these and after all, life is about new experiences, so click the link below and start planning your trip to the Patoka Lake Winery!  Also, if you've been to PLW before or plan on going drop us a comment below!

Patoka Lake Winery

2900 N. Dillard Rd.
Birdseye, Indiana 47513

(812) 685-2203

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