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$5 dollar Tuesday's & Thursday's

Congrats! You survived Mooooooondddaaayyy! (Dodging Bill Lumberg on the way out of the office) and made it to Tuesday! That's cause for some sort of celebration right? Absolutely!


Well head on over to your local Marcus Theater for "$5 Tuesday" !


All movies are only $5 And you get and as bonus you also get a bag of FREE POPCORN!! (with your Magical Movie Rewards Card, which is also free!)


One thing that has made Marcus Theaters our families goto cinema, even when it's not Tuesday is the fact that they have upgraded to all leather Dream Recliners at no extra charge (Most other cinemas charge extra for this... booo!) Side note: students and staff get an additional $5 dollar day on Thursday's ! Just show your school ID!

O and if your like us and always arrive halfway through the previews (hey you try getting 6 kids past a concession stand without stopping wiseguy!) Then no sweat.. all seats are reserved when you buy your ticket online via the Marcus app or website! So no worries about finding a seat!

Head over to to reserve your seat!!

6 kids 1 tank
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