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The Indoor Waterpark in the last 10 + years has become a staple in mostly every state due to their year round popularity and ability to provide families with an alternative option to the typical "weekend getaway".

With so many different resorts to choose from, all with varying levels of amenities, features, location and price level, we decided to spend this winter on the road checking out as many as we could to help make your trip planning easier!

Since the "6 Kids Crew" covers pretty much every age bracket, we know this will be a valuable tool to help you out as some parks are geared towards specific age ranges and others cover them all!  Be prepared to learn everything you need to know as our reviews don't just cover the Waterpark itself, but every facet of the resort!


Please continue to check this page as we will update it frequently with each tour stop!  If you have any questions or comments, we would love for you to drop them below! 

Tour Stop 1!


Tour Stop 2!


Tour Stop 3!


Tour Stop 4!


Tour Stop 5!


**Stay tuned as we continue to update this page with each tour stop! Sign up for our email list and follow us @6Kids1Tank on Social Media to get alerts as soon as new post go live!**

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