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The lofts hotel

Columbus, ohio

Sometimes you want to get away without actually getting away right? So a staycation as its called is what your looking for I presume?


If you live in Columbus or the surrounding vicinity then the chances are that you've never heard of a nice little hotel right Downtown that will give you the feeling that your many miles from home.


THE LOFTS (or 55 Lofts) is located right off Nationwide Boulevard and is unique in the fact that it's relatively unknown, relaxing, competitively priced and as the name states, the rooms have the New York loft vibe (the $3k a month high rise vibe, not the one window studio apartment NY vibe)


Nicely appointed spacious rooms with beds that make you feel as if you were the first guests, you immediately just want to lounge around and enjoy the moment.

With its chill vibe and close proximity to the North Market, Arena District, Convention center and Nationwide arena, the beauty is you can park you car and take a stroll to wherever you want to go, Which is especially nice when there are events downtown, you can just walk back to your loft and not have to worry about dealing with traffic!

If your not familiar with Downtown Columbus, you'll be in for quite a surprise.  A mix of several neighborhoods and backgrounds, there are many diverse areas you can visit by foot, short ride on the bus or an Uber.  The Scioto Mile is a newly renovated Riverfront area with bike trails (you can rent bikes for a nominal fee several places Downtown), Picnic Areas, a one of a kind bridge (Main Street), Restaurant (with awesome views in addition to some gourmet bistro grub) and several other points of interest.  Other areas to visit within "FitBit Walking Distance" are German Village (and Schmidt's World Famous Sausage Haus), Franklinton (also experiencing a rejuvenation with new housing, parks and a Brew Dog Brewery) and Columbus Commons (A huge green space with a Carousel and stage, home to several festivals and events.  Just to name a few.

The Lofts has a Bar and cafe with breakfast (for an additional fee).  

Now of course, you can do as we did and that's absolutely NOTHING and thats fine.  In search of relaxation we enjoyed the serenity of being able to just lounge around, watch Tv and just enjoy each others company.  The beauty of the Lofts is that whichever you choose, is perfectly fine.


So when your significant other thinks you've done it all and gone into relationship "cruise mode", surprise him or her with a night on the town "Loft Style"!

The Lofts

55 E Nationwide Blvd. #1

Columbus, Ohio

6 kids 1 tank
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