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Bayou Joes

Panama City

If you're looking for casual dining with creole southern flair, you have 2 options.  One you can FL-20 W to 331 N then take Interstate 10 West for about 224 miles to Louisiana or you can save time and gas and head across the Hathaway Bridge into Panama City and over to Bayou Joes!

Bayou Joes

Bayou Joes

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Overlooking Massalina Bay, this is an experience unlike any other in Panama City where some restaurants sit up on a pier, here you are actually sitting on a boat dock only 3 to 4 feet above the water with sliding glass doors that open up to give you a real bayou feeling!  

The kids love feeding the fish and watching people on boats pull up and literally step up from their boat and into their seat to eat.

Creole and Southern food in general is often imitated but rarely duplicated so when you include the word "Bayou" into your name, authenticity is not an option.  Also to add to that, when your located IN THE SOUTH, you have to stand out, especially in a place with so many great options to dine.

I will be honest here, Bayou Joes has a large menu serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, however once I find something I like, it's very hard for me to deviate from it.  Let's face it, if you've dreamed about something for 365 days, once you have the opportunity to get it, you're going to do just that.

For the last 3 years we order the same exact thing, with the only difference being that we may double up on the portion (hey, we wont have this meal for another 365 days remember).  Fried Southern Style Catfish, Grits, Eggs (over medium please) and toast (although the biscuits are a rock solid option as well!).

The Catfish is great, with a seasoned breading that literally melts in your mouth and pairs well with each juicy bite of fish.  

The kids order the Pancakes, Eggs and Sausage, which comes with 3 mini pancakes and is enough to fill up Munchie, whom naturally could probably order off the adult menu as she inhales food with Dyson styled consistency!  So it's sure to be enough for the little ones in your group!

Mj always orders the Pancakes.....

About those "Pancakes".. They probably should be called "Pan-BOOKS" or "BOOK-Cakes" because they are HUGE! Like "Paul Bunyon and his Blue OX Babe" huge! Like "Man Vs. Food" huge! I'm sure they had to custom design the griddle and plate to accommodate the size of these things.  Truly something that would make Mrs. Mother Butterworth proud!  Built to test the true hunger of any appetite, you would think by looking at them, they would have to be dry or under cooked in the center, but NOPE! MJ says they are the best Pancakes he's ever had and he basically goes on Pancake strike until we come back.

Your probably wondering however how in the heck do you actually eat one right?

Chapter By Chapter!

For a one of kind dining experience with great food and an unparalleled view (especially during sunset), head down to the bayou!  Hopefully, possibly, maybe next year we will expand our pallet and try something else on the menu! Stay Tuned!!

Bayou Joes

112A East 3rd Court
on Massalina Bayou
Panama City, FL 32401
(850) 763-6442

6 kids 1 tank
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