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Bicentennial Tower


We were looking for things to do in Erie and a highly recommended attraction that popped up on every Google search was the Bicentennial Tower Observation tower / deck down on the waterfront.  After debating with the kids about if we should or shouldn't go (It was in fact about 25 degrees on ground level so the summit would be much worse), Munch sided with me and I reminded the others that as the driver (& the reason they were alive), my vote was the only one that mattered.  And we were off!

Located down at the Port, you'll find one of the tallest structures in the city with I would easily guess to be one of the best views around! Opening 4 years before the turn of the millennium, in honor of the city's Bicentennial, the tower makes a bold statement amongst the waterfront skyline.

At the base of the tower is a small gift shop selling t-shirts' postcards and other commemorative items, a few tables surrounded by windows, a snack bar (Chips loved the pretzels & cheese) and an elevator you can ride to the crescendo.

The tower has two levels of observation, one just about a story off the ground if heights aren't your thing, and the main deck aka the only one that matters, close to 200 feet way up there!