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Cedar Point Express Hotel


Cedar Point's Express Hotel is located across Cedar Point Drive from Castaway Bay and is less than a 5 minute drive from the park.  Out of the 4 resort options available, Express would fall into the "value priced" segment.

Originally built and operated as the "Breakers Express Hotel", it was totally re-imagined during the off season of 2016 - 2017 and opened for business as "Cedar Point Express" on May 5th, 2017.

Exit "Breakers Express" / Enter "CP Express"

Where with other hotels (even some in Sandusky),  the term  "Value Priced" immediately conjures up thoughts of rooms with stained carpet, old box TV's (or big booty TV's as my son calls them), sketchy individuals in front and behind the desk and parking lots with few to no working lights.  However, with this being a Cedar Point property, it's run and maintained at the same level of care as all their others, so here "Value Priced" means just that, lot's of value for the price!

You'll be hard pressed to find another property in Sandusky within this price range that provides accommodations as beautiful and relaxing as the ones you'll find here.  The lobby is wide open and welcoming with several lounge spaces that almost encourage you to congregate and relax.  I found it extremely beneficial as a work space when I wanted to get out of my room and do some brainstorming.

Unlike 2 of the other resorts, Express is void of it's own restaurant but off the lobby is the "Express Shop" where you can purchase everything from food (breakfast, snacks & small microwavable dinner meals) / drinks to park merchandise and gifts.  It is good to note as well that McDonald's, Coasters and an Oran Julius (I know right) are directly across the street while Quaker Steak & Lube and Mango Mikes Breakfast Buffet are located just a short 5 minute walk / 1 minute drive away inside CP Express's sister property, Castaway Bay

Room 1050

Room 1050 is located on the first floor with a view of the interior courtyard.  Upon my arrival the room felt inviting and new, as if I was the first person to check in.

The accommodations were modern with comfortable beds (not usually associated with "value" hotels) and the decor was bright enough to liven the room up without being loud and obnoxious.  The bathroom has a tub/shower combination and I really liked the counter top, which almost looked like a table due to the open storage at the bottom which included more than enough towels for the room and swimming pool.

Included was a refrigerator and microwave combo that came in handy when I wanted to reheat my Turkey Leg that I bought in the park but couldn't finish (have you seen the size of those things? Do yourself a favor and get one from "The Smokehouse" in Frontier Town).  A real big bonus that I LOVED was the alarm clock as it doubled as a Bluetooth radio with two USB charging ports right on top!  In addition to the extra plugs that were located at the bottom of the nightstand light just adjacent to the clock, I ended up with 4 outlets to charge my smartwatch, phone and 2 video cameras.  As a blogger, this was clutch because I can't tell you how many times I've had to move furniture around in hotel rooms in order to locate the wall plug.

Pool  Deck & Splash Pad

The renovation turned the pool deck into a totally new area that's much more than just a pool and a few chairs.  Now in addition to the pool you'll find a kids Splash Pad with water geysers and sprayers, plus an abundance of seating & shade throughout, which can be a Godsend during the late Summer Ohio days.  Even with the center of activity literally being in the center of the hotel, the building and windows are insulated well and I never heard a peep from the pool deck while inside my room, allowing me to relax while others had the time of their lives.

Spacious and relaxing, which is perfect for after the park or on a day you may not go in.  Oftentimes the pool stays open later than the park by an hour or so, providing you and the kids the opportunity to take a dip before heading to bed.  I must say for as nice a space it is during the day, it really comes alive at night with the pathway illumination making for a perfect spot to relax while watching the stars!

Quick Trivia... The pool is actually shaped like someone... Can you identify who?

Check - In?


Cedar Point Express is a great hotel that carries the same standards that made Cedar Point a world renown destination.  The renovation brought the total number of rooms available up to 419 with many having the option of becoming adjoining rooms for larger families (raises hand).  You still receive the Early Admission perk that other CP resorts do, and despite not being within walking distance, you're only a short 3 - 5 minute drive from the front gates!  

Cedar Point's Express Hotel is a great place to stay if you are looking for something a bit more budget conscious without sacrificing on cleanliness or fun.  The pool deck provides enough space for kids and adults to unwind just as they would at any other property while still having several things to do within a close distance in your downtime.  The motto here should be "You get MORE than you pay for!"

Cedar Point's Express Hotel

1201 Cedar Point Drive

Sandusky Ohio 44870


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