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Anthony-thomas factory tour

columbus, oh

Ever watched "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory" and wondered if there is such a place where rivers of Chocolate flow longer than the Nile? We did and we decided to head over to the home of the World Famous Anthony Thomas Chocolate Factory!

We took a tour and watched as all kinds of Chocolate confections were made via an enclosed glass catwalk that allowed us to see all around.  There were candy bars and chocolate bunnies as far as the eye could see.

Munchie, being a connoisseur of the finest chocolates her hands can grab, was in heaven and even remarked "It smells so good in here I just want to eat the air" 😂😂😄 Unfortunately, we did not see the flowing chocolate rivers or any singing "Oompa Loompas", but we did spot one huge peanut butter and chocolate encrusted "Buckeye" for sale for a mere $3,500!

The factory tour is a rather inexpensive thing to do for the whole family.. and don't worry, you can purchase all the chocolate you want in the factory store located just outside the factory doors... I would however suggest calling ahead if you plan to purchase the "Buckeye" as it may take some time for them to wrap it up for you.

Located just off I-270 on the west side of Columbus, Ohio about a mile north of the I-70 west interchange.

Anthony-thomas factory tour
1777 Arlingate Ln, Columbus, OH 43228
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