Cornerstone Manor


During our stay in Middletown, we were privileged to be one of the first families to stay in the newly restored Cornerstone Manor or as the kids call it "The Mansion", and appropriately so.

Built in 1861, Cornerstone Manor (or 68 Cornerstone Manor, with 68 being its address on Main Street) is a 7,123 sq ft. beautifully restored home downtown. That puts you right in the pulseline of Middletown's revitalization district & perfectly sandwiched between the Swire Inn Restaurant & Rolling Mill Brewing Company Microbrewery.

As we approached the Manor you could instantly see the amount of care that was put into it's restoration.  Facing the street, the front of the house has a huge full size bay window that the kids loved and used as their own stage for the passerby's on the street.

The home sits on a corner lot with a fenced in 20, car parking lot which was just big enough for the Tank (I kid).  Taking full advantage of the corner, behind the home, is a beautifully-manicured backyard that was more than enough room for the kids to run around full speed with their kites in tow or to toss the football back-and-fourth.  

At night, we all enjoyed the cool breeze from the spacious 2nd floor balcony, while taking in the relaxing vibe of the city below.

First Floor

The first floor is sprawling and you really start to get a sense of how large the Cornerstone is.  Entering thru the back brings you into the bright and modern kitchen.  Equipped with beautiful counter tops, appliances and all the cook wear needed to prepare a meal for our troop of 9, not to mention a fridge stocked with regular and adult beverages alike, we easily felt at home. 


Even though the home underwent a renovation, there remains an abundance of original touches,  including a wood burning stove that serves as a reminder of the homes long and established history.  All of the woodwork is original and with 20 ft. ceilings and 10 ft. windows, you will understand why the kids immediately recognized that Cornerstone was a mansion.

The main dining room is huge and impressive, with a large table the kids would sit around and pretend like they were running a business. An exchange of arguing back and fourth as to who was the boss was quite entertaining.  The room is stunning with enough space that we could probably have 10 more kids (don't worry mom) and still have space for everyone.  We enjoyed the artwork on the wall and Munchie, a huge purple fanatic, couldn't stop looking at (and trying hard not to touch) the white and purple gemstone on the mantle top.

Entering the "Great Room" is dangerous and I'll tell you why.  It will stop you from wanting to do anything else period.  You will not want to leave because the furniture is relaxing and you can look directly out the display window and watch life in "Middletown U.S.A." go right by.  The perfect room to hold a conversation or read a book and as stated previously, never want to leave.

Second Floor

Upstairs you'll find 3 large bedrooms that could all be possibly confused with being master suites.  With a King Bed in each and their own full bathrooms, we were able to get ready for the day quicker than we generally do at home.  

The "true" master however includes a large TV (55' ?), a couple of separate sitting areas and a twin bed.  Bedroom 2 and 3 also include separate twin beds with bedroom 2 also including access to the balcony, which was one of my favorite places.

Each room is super comfy with big blankets and complimenting touches like throw pillows, additional seating, and wall art that disarms any reluctance you may have about getting too relaxed in a house that you're not paying the mortgage on.  Charisse can be kind of a (super) germaphobe and even she was comfortable enough to walk on the hardwood floors in her bare feet, which is a huge thing that speaks to the cleanliness of the home.

Vegas and Sydney would often wonder off into the hallway and sit on the couches, and hold conversations that only they could understand (yes, even after 7 kids, I still haven't fully mastered "baby talk"), making for some cool pictures while giving us a break from chasing them around.


After staying in several "Air BnB's" over the last handful of years, The Cornerstone Manor is truly the crown jewel among them all.  Space, comfort and relaxation are all key ingredients that make this property one of a kind.

As a big fan of pretty much every home renovation show out, and an avid subscriber to Better Homes & Gardens, Charisse immediately fell in love with the way the grandeur of the homes history was able to still take center stage while being assisted by modern touches.  I'm a firm believer that whenever you travel, you should stay somewhere that allows you to have the true experience of the destination you're visiting and in the case of the Manor, there's no better place to call home.