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dawghouse pizza

columbus, oh

I've wanted to do this write up about a well kept secret on the South side of Columbus known as DawgHouse Pizza .

When someone recommends a place, you may remember to try it at some point, however, when you receive multiple, unsolicited recommendations, you tend to end up there a little faster than normal.  Which was totally the case with Dawg House Pizza.

Located in a nondescript building at 2031 Lockbourne Road, the decade old adage "Don't judge a book by its cover" quite possibly could've been written specifically for this place.  On a Sunday afternoon when the rest of the family decided to go to Dirty franks Dogs (another CBus landmark) , Munchie and myself decided to have a lil time alone and check this place out.

The menu is typical Pizza / Bar fare, however upon closer inspection when looking at the menu, these subs are NOT your typical sandwiches. I ordered the Big Dawg, which appears to be an Italian Sub until you see the Italian Sausage that is added to the mix (insert mouth drool here). I ordered the beer batter fries in addition and Munch ordered a cheese Pizza.


The fries actually just tasted like regular fries and the pizza was good, but not "Go out of your route to pickup" good. (Since my visit, i've been told by several others that the loaded Pizza is "Life", I'll definitely give it a shot next time). But the true zenith of this trip was the Big Dawg hands down!

To me, a great sub has fresh ingredients, a good dressing and the bun has to have juuust the right amount of crispness from banking.  This sub was an A+ in all those categories! And the Italian Sausage had just the right amount of spice without being a distraction to the other flavors that were present. (Not to mention it HAS to come in a classic "Submarine" bag, As I haven't seen these since the 80's 😎) also note the AMOUNT of Ham and Pepperoni loaded up on this thing! Makes Donatos Pizza "Big Don" sub look more like it should be renamed "Little Donald".

I highly recommend you give it a try as it has surpassed Territas Pizza subs as my current favorite (Territas has been my go to since the late 80s!). If you're bringing your family, note that kids are allowed until 9pm!

dawghouse pizza
2031 Lockbourne Rd, Columbus, OH 43207
6 kids 1 tank
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