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With each Vegas visit, we aim to add a different experience to the getaway, so on one of our outings my brother had the idea to ride ATV's in the desert.  I'd never driven one before but hey it's vacation and the thought of kickin up dust instantly boosted my adrenaline!

There are several ATV companies with different offerings, so make sure to ask questions to find what suits your trip best.  You can rent ATV's, Razr's (more advanced dune buggys in simpler terms) and Dune Buggys.  Companies offer trips to pretty much anywhere in Nevada you'd want to go so you really can customize your experience.

DeTour Vegas ATV will pick you up at either the MGM Grand, Bellagio or Venetian hotel and transport you about 30 minutes outside of town to your starting point where you're given a safety briefing then a quick ride around a "junior" course so you can familiarize yourself with your vehicle.

I'll be straight with you, I was expecting to just speed around flat lands and throw sand everywhere, which we did but that terrain!

There were hills of all sizes, from bunny hops you could catch some serious airtime off of to what looked like mountains.  One in particular as we approached and started the climb, felt like I was at an 80 degree angle and I started to question myself as I saw the 5 ATV's ahead of me slowly disappear over the top.  Once I crested the apex and started my descent, I probably released every known curse word into the atmosphere at that point.  Yea it was THAT intense!


An hour later we were all piling back into the van ready to head back to our hotel still pumped off the rush we just experienced.  This was the perfect adventure to add to our annual trip and is without question highly recommended!

The cost to rent an ATV is $135 per person and drops $10 for groups of 6 or more and plan to set aside about 3 hours (travel to and from the desert, safety training, and 1 hour ride time) for the whole experience.

Visit to book and see the video below for a good idea of what you can expect!

Sound like something you're interested in? Have you experienced this before? Drop a comment below!

6 kids 1 tank
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