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Downtown grand hotel

Fremont street

When visiting Vegas, you HAVE to visit Fremont Street aka Old Vegas.  Home to a nightly street party and all of the oddities that complete the Vegas experience!  I always tell people that you haven't fully experienced Vegas without staying at least one night downtown to really get a feel for the place as a few hours simply isn't enough.  We've stayed at several hotels in the area but thus far the hands down winner is the Downtown Grand.  Formerly the Lady Luck, it was completely overhauled a few years back and is a totally new place that easily merges the modernization of the strip with the classic charm of Clark County.

Located about a block off Fremont Street, the Downtown Grand is what many would describe as a "chic" resort (although they would quite possibly change that thought if they knew I stayed here).  Very calm and relaxing, there are several bars onsite, the coolest to me being the "Art Bar", situated more like a lounge, you'll spend a large amount of your time looking up at the hundreds of paintings hanging overhead, making it equal parts conversation piece & museum.

The casino is stocked with the usual slots and tables but the ambiance seems calmer & less crowded when compared to ones located on the strip.  This totally works for me as I sometimes enjoy losing my money in peace.

Also within the resort you'll find several restaurants and in true Vegas fashion, late night specials featuring Prime Rib and other popular dishes.  At the foot of the pool tower is "The Commissary", your typical snack shop with Starbucks and other breakfast / quick serve items, unlike the other onsite venues however, they are open regular business hours.

Now the rooms in this place threw me for a loop and let me explain why.  When we were planning our first stay downtown, my expectations of the hotels and their rooms were that they would still look the same way they did back when this was Bugsy Siegel's town.  You know the big box TV, pink tile in the bathroom, vibrating beds (ala National Lampoon's Vacation) and of course that classic 1950's vick's / cigarette infused smell.

So when I saw the Downtown Grand's rooms online it was a pleasant surprise and even more so when I checked in and saw them for myself!

Even though the hotel has been open for a few years now, the rooms still retain the "brand new" feel, which is a testament in itself to the outstanding housekeeping staff.  Think Ikea designs without the sub par construction, very basic with subtle upgrades like USB charging ports, area rugs in the suites with accent colors, a huge mirror that seems so out of place that it works with the overall feel, very sleek bathrooms and as a nice touch, which made me feel important (i'm not), when I first arrived, I saw "Welcome Mike Mixon" on the TV which is minor, but it's the details like this that personalize your experience & let you know that the hotel wants you to have a great time.

Several room designs and sizes are available with each  as comfortable as the next.  We recommend you enhance your experience by requesting a "Mountain View" as there's nothing quite like looking out of your windows rather it be 9 AM or 9 PM and seeing the reddish brown rock formations off in the distance.

The Citrus Pool Deck is located on top of the casino and is unique in its own right.  First off there's tons of space to move around, grab a lounger and soak up the sun while the DJ plays.  Designed to look like someone's backyard (someone with much more money than myself of course), you'll immediately notice the lack of concrete, The Grand laid down artificial grass which is as comfortable as it is aesthetically pleasing, A great design move as concrete has a habit of feeling like the top of a George Foreman Grill in 100 degree plus temps. 

It's easy to feel right at home during one of the nightly events going on, never snobby, you'll think your at your neighbors BBQ's and that just makes everything really enjoyable.

When visiting Vegas, a stay Downtown for at least one night of your trip is a must and when it comes to choosing the right accommodation, The Grand provides the fun of Fremont mixed with the beauty of the strip!

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