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Ellis island

One thing to play to your benefit while in Vegas is to learn where the local, non "chain" casino's are located.  Designed and catering to the locals, here's where you're most likely to find the best deals on food and oftentimes "looser" slot machines and tables. 

Ellis Island, located a couple of blocks off the south strip behind Planet Hollywood is famous for cheap eats, nightly karaoke and surprisingly a clean, newly renovated hotel.  I was first directed here a few years ago for their Steak Special.

Ellis Island is a cool spot with a real chill vibe, no over the top indulgence you'll find on the strip, it's simplistic vibe makes you instantly relaxed and will feel like a local as this is where the locals hang!

There is a micro-brewery onsite for you beer fanatics and the buy in on the tables are a lot lower than you'll find a couple of blocks over.  While I have yet to stay in the hotel, the rooms look nice and from the couple we were allowed to tour, seemed to be well kept and clean.  The on-site lounge is always rocking and you will always hear laughter during the nightly karaoke.

The Village Pub, the reason I was originally directed here and the reason I continue to visit every trip.  Good food for small town prices, PERIOD!

They have a wide range of items on the menu and I have yet to find something that I would'nt order again.  The legendary $9.99 steak special includes 2 sides and soup or salad and it's a $10 steak that doesn't taste like a $10 steak.  To get this deal, simply pick up a free players card and goto the kiosk in the casino and you'll be given a coupon! To make the deal sweeter, if your a first time visitor, you will also get a $5 free play coupon to use on any slot machine and once you use that coupon, you'll be given ANOTHER coupon that lowers the meal to $7!!

They also offer a Steak & Eggs meal for $7 during the late night hours!

I would also recommend the Fish & Chips basket, where you'll get 2-3 big planks of hand battered Cod and Fries for $9.99.  The fish is flaky and moist and not the precut pieces that give you nightmares of those microwave Gordons meals your parents called dinner many decades ago.

If your a sucker for a nice slice of Prime Rib, than you'll want to opt for this meal, for $16.99 you get 2 sides and not 8 oz, not 10 oz, NOT 12 oz, but 16 OUNCES of meat lovers heaven, yes 16 OUNCES for $16.99!  If you're feeling brave, you can always go for the Kings cut, 26 oz for a mere 26 dollars! Please note, a stomach pump is not included!

Now generally, when you get food this cheap, it's just that, cheap food, but I can honestly say, this is quality food at a great price, and i'm willing to go as far and say you cannot find a better deal on or close to the strip.  Anyone that has ventured to Vegas with me always wants to go back to Ellis Island.  

On the strip you will easily pay at least $6.00 for a slice of cheese pizza, compare that to these deals and you'll see once again, there's no comparison!

I highly recommend Ellis Island as a stop during your visit to Vegas as it provides you with a place to chill and save money all the way around rather it be food, gambling or entertainment, it's all here! And as with anything in Vegas, its a 24 hour a day operation you can visit in the morning, evening or late hours after your daily per diem has been blown and you just want to slow down for a bit.  Just a short ride from where your probably staying, give it a shot and plan on coming back again!

As always, drop us a comment below and tell us what you think!

Ellis Island
4178 Koval Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 733-8901
6 kids 1 tank
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