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Fuhrman's Cider Mill


Chocolate and Bacon, two things the kids love, quite possibly more than their cell phones (imagine that), so once Scoop pointed out there was a place that sold both, as one (Yes, CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON), we were there without question.

Fuhrman's is just about a mile off of I-90 down past Splash Lagoon so it's easily accessible even if your destination is other than Erie & well worth the 5 minute detour.  Part general store, part Bakery / Restaurant  (and winery) it's hard to figure out what you should pay attention to first!

Once we entered the kids immediately dispersed across the store in true treasure hunt fashion to see what cool things they could find, meanwhile Vegas and Sydney were transfixed in their tracks upon entry, laser focused on a bowl of "Nerf" type Apples.  They definitely got a kick out of squeezing them... and occasionally tossing them at each other.

Giving off a true general store vibe, you immediately feel down home as the store is absent of loud PA systems, warehouse lighting and labyrinth styled setups.  If your in a rush, you can find what you need quickly, however if your in a "lazy Sunday" mood, this is the right place to take your time.  Homemade Jams & Jellies sit across the aisle from Pure Organic Honey while freshly baked Avocado Bread (Yum) is a few feet away from a shelf stocked with beef jerky.


What we really weren't expecting however was the bakery!  With so many different kinds of confections, I would assume just looking could trigger one to develop diabetes.  So don't stare for too long (good luck with that)! Even though we came to experience Chocolate Covered Bacon, the moment the kids caught a glimpse of the bakery counter it was clear that their taste buds now required much more!

On To The Goodies

Munchie - The Queen of all things chocolate discovered the "Chocolate Nightmare" in the glass case, A Chocolate cake square filled with whipped cream filling and double dipped in fudge! She became transfixed as he eyes glossed over and jaw hung seemingly just a few inches off the ground.  She loved it so much she attempted to wear most of it around her mouth 😒

Scoop - Aside from 5 pieces of bacon (chocolate covered that is) she also ordered a cream filled, Chocolate chip sprinkled Cannoli that she ate like a taco!

Mj - As a typical teenager, his life generally revolves around Pizza so his choice was obvious however, I had to make sure he was still breathing because after we sat down to eat, I heard not a peep from him.  It just turned out his Pizza Boat was (in his words) "The best Pizza he's had in a very long time!"  He literally scarfed it down without saying a word and it was a nice sized boat, secretly I was hoping he would offer me a piece.  Apparently no one thinks the cameraman has to eat too.

Personally I came for the Apple Cider, as a lover of this seasonal goodness, i'm always bummed when my local stores stop carrying it for the year so the prospect that I could buy a gallon in January was motivation enough for me!  However once I stepped up to the counter and placed my order I saw the game changer.... An Apple Cider Slushie!

From what I recall, it tasted great and I definitely should have ordered 2, however I can't really remember much of it because I sat my cup down to take a picture and when I turned back around, Sydney had commandeered my drink with no intentions of giving it back! Sometimes the cameran really can't catch a break!


Rather you live in Erie, are driving thru or vacationing there, take a few moments to slow down and enjoy a taste of the country!  Don't forget the wine room also on site that we weren't able to review due to the whole parenting thing 😉 but next time!!!

Fuhrman's Cider Mill

8270 Peach Street

Erie, PA 16509

6 kids 1 tank
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