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Ghostly manor Thrill Center
sandusky, oh

The following morning we loaded up the Tank and headed down the road to “Ghostly Manor Fun Center”.  Prior to this visit, my experience with GM was limited to passing their huge billboard on RT. 250 and always wondering exactly where it was as the building doesn't front the main “drag” and rests behind a restaurant and motel.  


I’ve never stopped at GM before because 4 out of our 6 kids are terrified of Haunted Houses & when I told them where we were going, it was almost as if they saw the Grady twins from “The Shining” appear asking if they wanted to “Come Play?”, needless to say I had to do a little bit of work to calm their fears.  Come to find out, I shouldn't have let the name deter me for so long.

Most towns have a “Family Fun Center” as our hometown of Columbus, Ohio actually has several, but the big difference at GM is that it is a combination of several elements under one roof!

  • A 4D Movie Theater where the seats move in all directions surrounding you with special effects that coordinate with the action on screen, quickly fooling your senses into thinking you're actually IN the movie. You can pick from several different movies to “experience”, giving you the need to ride more than once!  The roller coaster “ride” was so intense that after it was over, Munchie’s 3D glasses were crooked on her face and her eyes were as wide as VW Bug headlights!

  • A huge Climbing Gym - Imagine your local McDonald’s Playplace but bigger and more importantly cleaner AND supervised! This was a hit with the whole crew as it contains several elements that aren't included in the local play gyms back home.

  • Bounce Houses - Vegas and Sydney loved these because they could finally jump on things without being immediately told to get off!

  • Skating Rink - Generally we have to divide the party when it comes to rinks as the younger sibs cant skate without our help, however GM continues to “Change The Game” by providing not only skates and rollerblades, but also SCOOTERS! 2 and 3 wheeled versions are available for rent providing a different element that even the big kids wanted to get in on it as well!

Impressive list of attractions right?!?, “But wait there's more!” (In my best infomercial voice)


Also at GM is “Wizards Journey” indoor glow golf loaded with serious special effects that jump out around every corner (The glow in the dark paint jobs are seriously an attraction of their own), An interactive Virtual Reality game were you and 3 friends dawn headsets and fight against alien attacks,  An Escape Room and a Haunted House! Important to note is that if you visit in the Fall, there is an additional, award winning Haunted House that is open on site as well.


Ghostly Manor is seriously the “Wal-Mart” of fun centers, housing everything you need for a full day and evening worth of fun.  We will definitely be visiting again on return trips to the area. Want to have a little additional fun? Stand around the Dragon outside of the building and see what happens!


Last but not least, thank you to all of the staff @ Ghostly Manor.  It takes alot to work with families in a high energy environment day after day and only special individuals can take it in stride and smile (Trust me I worked at Putt-Putt in a former life & it's not easy).  We can tell you from personal experience that the staff of Ghostly Manor will make sure you have a great time! 


3319 Milan Rd,

Sandusky, OH 44870 

(419) 626-4467

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