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Holiday lights in ohio!


With the holiday's fast upon us, it's time to start gearing up for the usual holiday traditions, Shopping, Raising credit card limits, buying things that you want for yourself and hope they will somehow find their way back to you, kids Christmas list with 2 thousand more items than you will actually purchase, buying a million rolls of wrapping paper and forgetting the scotch tape and lets not forget the half a million Hallmark Christmas movies with the same storylines 😂😂

Well Holiday's are also about tradition and one that has been apart of our family for years is driving around and admiring all of the light displays in the area.  This is a great experience for the whole family and really puts everyone in the spirit for what is the most relaxing and loving time of the year.  Below we have combined a list of several must visit locations that are sure to become part of your family's holiday tradition going forward!  Don't like the cold? Well we still have you covered as we have included drive thru shows as well!


Delaware, ohio

This one is located right in Central Ohio, but is often overlooked.  A short few miles west of the

I-71 / RT. 36 exit is Butch Bando's!  We have visited this light show for years and never knew the story behind it (or its real name for that matter, we always just thought it was the Alum Creek light show), Nonetheless, this definitely should not be missed!

A brief history lesson, Started by Butch Bando, This event has taken place for over 18 years.  After Mr. Bando passed, his children bought the display and renamed it after him.  A great way to not only pay homage to someone that brought so many people joy, but also a way to literally keep his legacy shining bright.  Kudos to the Bando family!


Running from November 16th to January 1st (also open on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day) This drive thru light show is located right on the water at Alum Creek (which by the way is the largest inland lake in Ohio) and features over a million LED lights (and over 450 displays) that are more vibrant and ecofriendly.  Clocking in at around 3 miles, you'll find displays featuring animated lights and you can tune into Bando Radio and complete your experience as the displays are synchronized to the music playing thru your radio! Pretty cool and innovative I may add.


After you complete your journey, make a stop at  Santa’s House to meet Santa and enjoy free hot chocolate!  A portion of proceeds from the event go towards Recreation Unlimited and A Kid Again. Both organizations help children with disabilities or life threatening diseases enjoy recreation activities and interact with other children facing similar challenges.  Organizers also offer three sensory sensitive nights for children with Autism, so they can enjoy the display, while not being startled or scared. Contact the event organizers for an updated schedule of these nights.


While marveling at the many displays, keep in mind that several were built by students in the vocational welding program.  Our future at work helping to brighten our Holiday!  

holiday lights on the hill

Hamilton, oh

By day, Pyramid Hill is a 300+ acre sculpture park that showcases over 60 pieces of monumental sculpture art nestled in the breathtaking meadows and rolling hills of Southwestern Ohio. We had the pleasure of visiting this past July during our "Get To The BC!" trip and the park was like none other.  You can walk around and visit each sculpture (meanwhile clocking some serious fitbit steps) or you can do like us and take the lazy but equally as rewarding route and rent a golf cart (here known as "Art Carts") and move at your own pace.

The game changes a bit however at night during the holiday season...

Santa doesn't walk, so why should you? From the warmth of your own personal sled (meaning your car 😎😉) you'll navigate thru a seasonal  sanctuary filled with sculptures covered with over 2 million lights!


Holiday LIghts on the Hill, an award-winning, drive through lights display is located at one of the area’s most loved parks, Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum. This winter wonderland is a twinkling twilight of Christmas spirit and magic, transformed into a dreamy sensory escape and one of the best displays in Hamilton.


By day its hills and miles of greenspace mesh to form a serene utopia and by night, the twinkling lights combined with the sounds of Christmas Music and smells of a cup of cocoa lull you right into the spirit of the season.  Visitors of all ages fall in love with the parks enchanting Christmas spirit and enjoy taking their kids, grandkids, and entire families to the park to see the lights each year. It’s a tradition that you’ll look forward to for years to come. 

Make a night of it and stay at the Courtyard Downtown Hamilton, see here for our review of the property!

For many more great pictures and information on Holiday Lights, click Here!!

light up middletown

Middletown, oh

Located in Middletown, Ohio, this annual display takes place from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. This driving tour of lights takes you through a 100 acre park and features several themed displays, including the American flag, Sea Serpent in the reflecting lake, penguin village and more.

Make a night of it and stay at the Courtyard Downtown Hamilton, see here for our review of the property!

Click here for more information about Light Up Middletown!

wildlights @ the columbus zoo & aquarium 

powell, oh

Now the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium is a world renown facility made famous by our beloved Zoo Keeper, Jungle Jack Hanna.  If your from the Columbus area, you've quite possibly seen him more times than you've seen some of your extended family members!  However if you aren't a native of the area, you still may recognize the name due to his work with Zoo's all over the world, not to mention his many appearances on The Tonight Show!  Yes, Jungle Jack is seriously a big deal.

Although the Zoo operates year around, from November 16th thru January 6th, once the earth's light dim's each evening, the animals become co-stars to over 3 million LED lights, Wildlights if you will!

In its 30th year, Wildlights gives the Zoo's 500 acres a winter wonderland makeover featuring an animated light show, holiday star light star bright seek-n-find, Santa’s holiday home, Polar Bear Express , camel rides and the chance to take a spin on a historic 1914 carousel! 


And no holiday would be complete without having the chance to meet and greet Rudolph and friends. Your admission also provides you with access to the Zoo and all of its "residents"!

Click here for more information!

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