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IX - Indoor Amusement Park

Cleveland, Ohio

**Be sure to watch our cool 5 minute video detailing the park! Oh and check out Vegas & his moves!**

As a kid from Columbus, I always heard about an indoor amusement park with a Ferris Wheel that went thru the roof and tons of rides and games that you could play all day, but unfortunately I never had the chance to verify if this was more tall tale than actual location.  Fast forward to adulthood and a few years ago a random memory from those pre-internet years caused me to look this place up and see if it was real let alone still around.

When I looked however nothing came up leading me to believe it was all just a Paul Bunyan sized work of fiction.


Fast forward yet again a few years later and I realized why my "Ask Jeeves" (remember Jeeves) search didn't return any results.  The IX Indoor Amusement Park is a seasonal event and this year it would be opening in late March AND celebrating its "30th Year In Operation"!  I couldn't believe it was real and after all this time I would finally be able to corroborate (or debunk) all the things I'd been told a handful of decades earlier.

Seeing as we usually have a full schedule with the kids activities it was ironic that their Soccer games were cancelled due to rain and that freed up our day to visit the IX Center and ride rides, which if they were outdoors, would've been cancelled as well.

A short 2 hour drive later we arrived and WOW!

It wasn't a myth, tall tale or fabrication of any sorts, and immediately after walking in I realized that every single thing that I heard about the IX in my childhood years was 1000% true!

With 20 acres of rides under the roof of the IX Center, this is a one stop shop for family fun.  A whole "Kidzville" area for the younger ones featuring every ride you can think of and even a mini ferris wheel just for them!  

For the older kids and adults alike, there's "Thrill City" which lives up to its name with 3 roller coasters and several other rides that will push you to the limits... and then way past them!

You will also find a 3 lane "Giant Slide" where you can race to the finish with your friends AND amongst other things A ZIPLINE attraction that zooms you in reverse to the ceiling of the building providing a eagle eye view of the park (if you're bold enough to keep your eyes open), then zooms you full speed forward towards your landing pad!  We couldn't get enough of this, especially since it was included with the price of admission!

And yes in fact there is a Ferris Wheel that goes thru the ceiling!  It was actually quite fun as the speed kicks up and you head towards the ceiling and before you know it you're surrounded by light and cool air on all 4 sides as you catch a glimpse of the airport in the distance before your heading back down to earth.  This was Scoops first time on a FW and once it got to moving, you could see the excitement in her eyes... or was that fear? Yea probably fear LOL.