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Kai's crab boil

Columbus, oh

Depending on whom you ask, the common answer to the origins of the "Crab Boil" would be the southern states and more specifically Louisiana, however, it also has roots up the Eastern Seaboard in places like Maryland and Maine.

Being a lover of all things seafood and Louisiana (Geaux Saints!!!), and living in Columbus with the nearest Papadeaux  Seafood Kitchen being over an hour away, once I saw there was new place called "Kai's Crab Boil" open in my area via my Instagram feed, I couldn't arrive fast enough!

On a Chilly Mid-March Wednesday night the Ole Lady, the Baby and I stopped in to check out the new kid on the block.  The restaurant is spacious with tables lining the walls to your right and center of the room with a fully stocked bar to your left and a couple of larger group tables towards the back of the room.  Large lobster and crab prints adorn the walls accented with red "dock style" lights helping the room accomplish a comfortable, minimalistic vibe.

Unlike many restaurants, we were greeted by the owners Tiffany and the man himself, Kai! Both very outgoing and very genuine people whom had no qualms telling us about their journey and plans for the future.  Tiffany even emerged from the back and showed us a QUARTER POUND crawfish (or crawdad or poor man's lobster as I know them) and YES I SAID QUARTER POUND!

Living in a state with no coastal access within a 10 hour range, we are used to having mediocre seafood (Hey Red Lobster), so I was surprised to find out that Kai's is flown in fresh (Hey Red Lobster, are you following?) 

Lobster - Maine

Dungeness Crab - Canada

Mussels - Prince Edwards Island

Clams - Washington

We arrived later in the evening and sadly all of the Snow Crab had been sold prior, which was a plus and a minus.  The negative was of course, I wanted Crab (seriously) but the positive was that I ended up ordering Mussels instead opting for the "Kai's Gulf Combo" with 1Lb. of Mussels and 1Lb. Shrimp. We then opted for 3 pieces of Sausage with the "Kai's Kajun" flavor and medium heat. Oh yea and a side of wings.

The Food arrived within about 10 minutes in a clear plastic bag full of more goodness than the law allows!  There was a small mixup as we were actually served with garlic butter flavor which we didnt notice until Kai came to speak to us and asked that we try his "Kai's Kajun" sauce (this is when we realized we were given garlic butter on accident). The Shrimp was good but let me tell you, with the "Kai's sauce / flavor" it immediately set "Kai's Crab Boil Restaurant" in front of all competition... Seriously.


The Verdict:

Prior to visiting, I wasn't sure there was any way "Kai's" would be any different than the other places serving boil. My advice to you, Try em all! Then YOU decide!

Kai's Crab Boil

839 Bethel Road

Columbus, Ohio 43214

6 kids 1 tank
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