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I will admit, for myself, the highlight of any trip is well... FOOD!  Not one to shy away from an opportunity to increase my triglycerides, I anxiously anticipate the chance to find an editable reason to travel back to an area and visit again. 

Butler County is chock full of great restaurants, coffee shops and diners and we wanted to take a moment to highlight the ones that we know you will enjoy just as much as we did!

Taqueria  Guanajuato


Admitally im not the biggest mexican fan, blame it on too many lackluster ChiChi's visits as a kid (I could however use one last serving of Fried Ice Cream), so I can't say I was super enthused when Charisse's request for dinner ended up being... yep... Mexican.

Friday evening we walked into Taqueria Guanajuato, Located in a Strip mall off of  Washington Blvd and despite the usual weekend rush, we were greeted and seated immediately.

The atmosphere is relaxed but fun as our waiter was busy but never rushed. Sensing that we were first timers he took his time to go over the menu and recommend a few of the crowd favorites such as the Fish and speciality Tacos, with the latter featuring several "specialty" meats to choose from that generally aren't available in your average Mexican Cantina (in Ohio at least).

As with most establishments in this dining segment, we were first served Chips and salsa.  I wasn't able to verify, but the chips were fresh, warm and lightly salted and gave the impression that these were hand milled and not just ordered from GFS or any other local restaurant supplier.  One thing that I am for sure of however and will recommend to you, is that you find a way to cover up your Salsa or remove it from plain sight because it is honestly so good, you will NOT want to share it.  Seriously....

As I stated earlier, I'm not the biggest fan of Mexican cuisine however I believe firmly that Chorizo and Queso should be included as the first "Food Wonder of the World" as they elevate any food they are adjoined with.

With that being said, you should be able to understand my enthusiasm when I found out that Taqueria not only serves Chorizo and Queso, but they have married the two into one bowl!   Billed as an appetizer, you'll receive a bowl of cheese and meat infused goodness and a few slices of a soft pita type bread that reminded me of the shell of a Taco Bell Chalupa (just a lot softer).  Used for dipping, after a few bites, you'll probably realize how filling this dish is as it could easily be a complete meal for someone with less than a full appetite.

A basic yet very delicious combination that surprisingly hasn't been duplicated by other restarauntaurers yet.

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