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Axe Throwing needs no introduction right? How difficult can it be, because like anyone can throw an axe at a board and hit the bullseye rather frequently.... Right?


Exactly what I thought, matter of fact, that's what we all thought up until the first toss, and miss, and subsequent thud from the axe hitting the floor.  

Noble Axes is Sandusky's first axe throwing venue and was a fun new experience for us.  It does require a bit of skill and as with anything, some will pick it up immediately as Charisse did (such a show off), some will require a bit of fine tuning (myself) while others will require a bit of soul searching and harsh criticism from their "support system" (hi Cannon) 😂😂

I would say the first 15 attempts had me rethinking my life as a Viking, but once I got the hang I was busting the board up! Semaj "Had a spark when he started / but now he's just garbage" and spent more time posing with his axe for photos, than he did hitting the target. And Cannon.. poor poor Cannon, she got an A for sportsmanship and an F for actual effort LOL!  There is a bit of difficulty involved but that actually increases the competition factor and makes the game interesting.  If it were easy for everyone, face it, after a few rounds you'd be bored and ready to go home.

If you've never thrown before don't worry, Caleb & Chuck will walk you thru everything and as a heads up, Chuck will probably start to show off by tossing the axe backwards, two at a time and all the crazy stuff YOU THINK you can do, but listen, YOU CAN'T, so don't try it, because well, if you wanted to be laughed at, you would've probably went on stage at a comedy club.  However, if you happen to catch Chuck laughing, just ask him "So how are those Cleveland Browns doing?", and I bet you won't have to worry about that anymore.

Noble Axes is a kicked back & relaxing atmosphere with a fun crew that'll make your experience super enjoyable.  Kids are even welcome (ages 11 on up) as the very first time I went I took Mj and Scoop and even they had fun, which these days is a hard task because for most kids fun has to involve a cell phone.  If you're not in the mood to throw and would rather participate as a heckler, you'll take comfort knowing there is plenty of additional seating and a full bar available also.  Which Carese and her old man took full advantage of by drinking 3/4ths of the available liquor.

The next time you're looking for something to do wonder on down to The Marketplace At the Cook and check out Noble Axes! Oh and Chuck... GO BROWNS!!!

6 kids 1 tank
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