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Cedar Point's Golden Ticket

For decades kid's and adults far and wide shared a pipe dream, a hope, a one in a billion chance that one day, they would be lucky enough to find it. The ever elusive VIP pass to utopia, Carte Blanche access to candy flavored fun town, a speed trap of sweetness if you will, yes you know exactly where i'm speaking of... Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!

Unfortunately, back in the 80's the Chocolate Factory ran into a string of bad luck starting with a girl that had an allergic reaction to blueberries and swell up bigger than a wrecking ball. As a result, the Chocolate Factory is no longer giving day tours (you can thank their insurance company for that) and only sells their candies online now. However for a limited time, another "golden ticket" has emerged and this time you have your chance to join this elusive club!

For a super limited time, in honor of Cedar Point's impending 150th operating season, the Golden Ticket of the Amusement industry is available. The Gold Pass is a complete game changer and provides you:

Unlimited access To Cedar Point

Unlimited Access To Cedar Point Shores Waterpark

30 Minute Early Park Access

Discounts on Merchandise & Food

Free Parking

All of these perks for only $99!

Plus one thing a lot of people are not aware of is when you go to purchase your Gold Pass at, you can actually pay just $20 down and the rest in 10 monthly installments of $8!!! In addition, the Gold Pass is valid not only for all of next season (2020) BUT the remainder of THIS season as well, which makes the deal even sweeter as Halloweekends is currently in full swing and well hey, as if you didn't need another excuse to get one!

And since you're planning on buying a Gold Pass that will give you unlimited visits, why not stay the night and make a weekend of it? Head on over to our Cedar Point Resorts section for all the info you need to know about the resorts and which hotel would work best for your situation!

FYI, The Gold Passes will only be on sale until the last day of Halloweekends, so don't wait (any longer)

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