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Get Google Play Music & YouTube Red Free...

For a limited time only, try out Google Play Music for 4 MONTHS FREE! This is a great deal and a way to try a new streaming service you may not have even known existed!

With your subscription to GPM, you get access to over 30 million songs and as a bonus, you also get access to YouTube RED, which allows you to play YT songs in the background after closing the app in addition to removing all ads, which is huge (no more waiting 5 seconds for a commercial to end and your song / video to start).

GPM is accessible from Android, iOS and your computer as well and on a family plan, you can add up to 6 users that do not have to live in your home (unlike spotify), which can save loads of cash when you have multiple friends or family that would like to stream as well.

GPM also allows you to upload songs that you may have downloaded from other services into your library, giving you the ultimate app to store your music with no reason to switch between different services.

You can create your own unique playlist and download songs directly to your phone or transfer to your Android compatible smartwatch, foregoing the need to carry a phone when you workout! Your playlist are always ready for you to access rather your on your cell phone, computer or using Android Auto in your car!

I personally have been using GPM for over 4 years now and have never found a reason to move to any other services!

This trial will not last long so i recommend clicking the below link ASAP or downloading the Google Play Music app on your smartphone and getting started today!

Note: After the trial, a single subscription is $9.99 while a family plan will run you $14.99, a great deal either way!

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