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Kroger: Scan, Bag, Go!

Things sure have changed when it comes to grocery shopping. From what seems like the beginning of time until a couple of years ago, grocery shopping meant rounding up the kids, going to the store, walking down each aisle, buying more than what you needed, doubling down the same aisles again for something you forgot and then getting to the register and suffering sticker shock over all the money you spent. Sound familiar? Of course!

In the last couple of years however, you have been provided options from home delivery to curbside pickup. For us the curbside pickup was more of a hassle as the time blocks that were available didn't work (It felt like we had to plan our day around when the groceries would be available instead of vice versa). In addition, the website felt like there were too many options, therefore causing sort of a sensory overload, I know this sounds ridiculous because well they have to list every item in the store, however the layout could've made the situation much more fluid.

These factors individual or combined really took the convenience factor away and actually added to the frustration. I in fact found myself going to the store more, which totally defeats the purpose in the first place.

Enter "Scan, Bag, GO", Kroger's next attempt to add a new realm to your grocery shopping experience!

I'm usually working late and can't get to the store until after 10pm at which time "S.B.G" is closed so I've never had the chance to try it out and as a technology nerd, those little scanners just seem to call me 🤗.

Well today was my lucky day as it was 5pm, I was off work from both jobs and had Corned Beef on my mind so I decided to stop by Krogers and to my surprise, I would get to try these little newfangled scanners out!

So you approach the massive display and a store representative will hand you a scanner and give you a rundown of how to use it. Now be forewarned, I'm pretty well versed in all thinga electronic and I very rarely use instruction books, however after the rep explained how this system works, I was seriously questioning if I knew what the heck to do. But I'll tell you, it's not complicated at all, some people just OVER EXPLAIN.. I'm just saying.

So Just How Does It Work Exactly...

Simple.. just think of it like this... you have a "U-Scan" in your hand. Simple and plain!

When you begin you'll be given the scanner, one grey reusable tote and however many durable clear plastic bags you like. Keep the grey tote and bring it back next time as you will be given another tote with the idea that after several trips you'll have enough tote bags that you will no longer need any plastic bags (Save the Ducks!!).

Locate your item, find the barcode, press the big "Scan" button and BOOM, the item has been added and you can toss it into your bag! (You've now SCANned and BAGged.. The GO part comes shortly)

With each scanned item you'll see the item price populate on the screen AND your estimated total, sans your Kroger Plus discount points, in the lower right corner which I think is one of the most basic but brilliant aspects of this system as it will allow shoppers to keep their budgets not just in mind, but in check too!

"But what about fruits & vegetables"?

Scan the tag / barcode

The system recognizes your item and directs you to the scale

Scan the barcode at the scale

The scanner will advise you to put your item on the scale

Thats it! The weight and price is communicated to your scanner and you can continue on with your shopping!

So you're finished and ready to checkout but unsure of how (possibly due to the over explanation from the representative at the beginning of your journey 🤣🤣), well its pretty simple!

Head to the "U-Scan" checkout lanes and...

Aim the scanner at the barcode affixed to the screen and press the big "Scan" button just as if you were scanning an item

The system calculates your items

And just like that, your items are on the screen, choose your payment method and leave!

Oh and don't worry about bagging anything because you already have while shopping so now you can just "GO!"



Go >>>>

I honestly love this system, its fun, responsive, serves a purpose, helps you keep track of your spending AND allows you to get in and out faster than usual!

Next time you stop in a Kroger store, give it a spin and please... don't let someone giving you an over abundance of information deter you from giving it a shot.

Now if I could just get someone to help me carry these bags into the house.....

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