Monster jam invades Cedar Point!

(Please enjoy our report & don't forget to watch our trip vlog below!)

This trip to Cedar Point would be an experience unlike any of our prior visits and would make this one the 6 Kids Crew will remember for a long time!

A cool feature that every family should take advantage of is the "Pre-K Pass" which allows kids 3-5 years old unlimited access to not only Cedar Point, but their HUGE Waterpark as well! We signed up online and once we arrived, headed over to Guest Services where Vegas was greeted by Devin, a super friendly and knowledgeable assistant that answered each of my million questions without hesitation.

Vegas couldn't stop smiling when he got to take a picture for his pass and was also given a cool orange button that read "My 1st Visit!", which he proceeded to flaunt in front of his sisters. Every associate we passed during our visit would make their way over to greet Vegas and make sure he was having fun. We really appreciated this extra perk that made us feel more like family and set the tone for the remainder of the trip! (Note: Sign Up for the Pre-K Pass has ended)

The Crew Is Ready To Invade Monster Jam!

Our main reason to visit this time (as this won't be the last), was for Monster Jam Thunder Alley! The insanely popular, world renown monster truck rally that more than likely has visited the closest arena near your home and done things with these huge machines that most of us generally wish we could do during rush hour traffic.

Thru June 30th, "An Experience Like None Other" is taking place at "America's Roller Coast" with the arrival of MJTA. Unlike a museum or car show where touching is frowned upon, here it's actually what you're expected and encouraged to do!

After Chipmunk rode the Magnum XL-200, which happened to be her first coaster EVER (something I had been attempting to get her to do for the last few years), we walked past Iron Dragon and turned the corner towards "Celebration Plaza" and after passing under the yellow "Monster Jam" archway, Munchie yelled "MOM, MOM, MOM!! O MY GOSH! IT'S MEGALODON!!", and ran off weaving thru traffic like a pinball being slapped around in an 80's arcade. See the kids had no clue what we came for outside of riding rides, so this was truly a surprise for them, and actually us adults too as we didnt know what to expect either.

We all looked up almost in unison and right in front of us was the coolest sight of the day (that wasn't a Roller Coaster of course)....

"Trucks, Trucks, Trucks, Trucks, Trucks" (chant this in your head ala Lil' Jon's "Shots")

Such a cool site to see, lined up on either side of the plaza were the stars of the show, El Toro Loco (nostrils smoking), Grave Digger (YES! The (in)famous legend),Zombie (arms out!!), Max-D (Mad Max would be honored to drive this) and last but not least... MEGALODON!

We've been to Monster Truck shows in the past but MJTA is a different experience as you're able to get up close to each truck and not only touch them but in the case of Grave Digger and El Toro Loco, you can also sit in the drivers seat! In addition, behind each truck you'll find huge display board with stats about the truck and loads of interesting information that really underscores just how much work goes into each vehicle (it takes 50 man hours to paint Grave Digger... and about 30 seconds to destroy it.. ouch).

To really understand the WOW factor in these machines, the tires themselves made by BKT weigh 465 lbs. each and are built to withstand loads from a 5 ton monstrosity falling from over 40 feet in the air in addition to being able to support 70 mph racing speeds!

I couldn't fathom the cost for the tires alone, not to mention the whole vehicle.... Makes the tires for the tank seem much more budget friendly 🤣😎