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Online Auction!

ECOT, The troubled online charter school based in Columbus, Ohio is no more.  Bogged down with scandal and financial troubles, they were forced to shut down last year.

Now with it's assets in recievership, all contents including the building itself are being auctioned off until June 12th!

This is a great opportunity for business owners, teachers, parents and everyone else as they are selling couches, flat screen TVs, whiteboards, ottomans, office chairs, desk, projectors, bar stools, filing cabinet's, vacuum cleaners, lions, tigers, bears, OH MY! 

Ok that last part was embellished a bit but seriously!

I encourage everyone to take a look asap as there are several things you can use, including a brand new Keurig, in the box with a bid of 10 bucks as of the time of this writing! 

I bid on a whiteboard that will come in handy when helping the kids next school year with common core math.. arrgh!!!

Click the link  here  and take a look!

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