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Saying "Here We Go Again" implies that which ever act you're referring to stopped at some point and is now resuming.... Well sadly in this case, said acts have NEVER STOPPED!

Just a few weeks ago, Ahmaud Arbery is killed, then a black man has the police called on him under wildly false pretenses by a racist in the park ( ironically the same park the "Central Park 5" were railroaded in) and now this.. George Floyd.

If you ever thought that Black Lives Matter minimized the value of other races, let me help you understand something... BLACK LIVES MATTER WAS COINED BECAUSE OF THE MINIMIZED VALUE THAT HAS BEEN PLACED ON BLACK LIVES! This is also why it's a 2 hand slap in the face when all of a sudden All Lives Matter pops up... Guess what Pinocchio, if black lives had value to all, there would never have been a reason to start Black Lives Matter. If the love is TRULY reciprocated, there would be no reason for us to call attention to this.

I can't understand why in a country, when enemies that carry guns and are clearly out to kill you are captured during war, it's illegal to waterboard them BUT it's legal for an officer to KNEEL on a mans neck after he's on the ground, unarmed and no longer a threat?? I say it's legal because if Mr. Floyd (let's say his name with respect), had survived and not been captured on camera, that cop would've still been on the job! The same way those 2 police academy citizens arresting rejects in Georgia remained free until the video became public knowledge.

Let's look at Michigan, I'd bet you my future life earnings, if 100 black people would've converged on the statehouse with legal AR-15's, they wouldn't have made it out of the parking lot before being corralled. Don't believe me... Look up Cointelpro...

And I impore you to look up Kendrick Johnson and tell me why people remain free after this... I know why, but I'll let you decide.

And for all those that say "well if George (Mr. FLOYD!) wasn't doing something he wasn't supposed to, this wouldn't have happened, I got a red and blue pill for you to swallow. Racism shows it's face regardless. I along with my friends (whom have never been thugs, gangsters, hoodlums or anything remotely in that spectrum) have had the horrifying experience of being on the receiving end of a barrage of police weapons, WHEN WE WERE DOING NOTHING (several times) aside from minding our own business. One time we were yanked out of my car at gunpoint and laid out in the middle of Oakland Park, face down. No arrest, no handcuffs just 8 of CPD's now disbanded taskforce headed by "Batman". The same task force that fast forward 15 years has been disbanded due to the wild west tactics they employed and listen, I'm far from the only one that this happened to, ask any black male in Columbus who Batman is and I bet you 8 out of 10 will tell you a similar if not worse story than ours. We also had the luck of having the sheriff called on us at White Castle by a lady that tried to cut in line.. the only difference this time was we were handcuffed and put in the paddy wagon, only to be released because we did absolutely nothing and others there vouched for us. Still had guns pulled on us. The only reason we know she called is because she rolled down her window, dropped the N word on us and then told us she was calling her uncle who was going to "Arrest our black @sses"... But this is normal...

But guess what, to us, like many other black males, this isn't jaw dropping or shocking, it's sadly an environment we've been conditioned to live in while learning how to maneuver as best as possible within these glass ceilings and walls. When you've been in the "dark" your whole life guess what, your eyes adjust and you see things that others are blind to, so I understand why some don't understand our plight. We learn at a young age that there's certain places we can't be ourselves in, we have generally speaking 2 options, some "Schuk N Jive" and others like myself "Camoflague" (I recently learned that corporate america terms this "code switching" smh). It's not about selling out, it's about SURVIVAL and unfortunately if you don't learn one of those 2 chess moves, you won't get very far.

As parents of 2 sons, knowing what lies ahead for them is just sad. Having to teach them that there are going to be obstacles placed in front of you that you can't see is something we shouldn't have to do. Don't be ashamed to be black, be proud and realize that this country was built off of you, Many of the things that we all use everyday were created by you (rather credited or not) and you deserve to be here and given the opportunities that everyone else has available to them. And that goes for our brown brothers too!

Notice I didn't say white people one time in this whole story, you know why? Because pigmentation or a lack of doesn't make you bad or racist. All white people aren't racist and all of them aren't "Hellen Keller" to our struggle. I have white people that are literally family to me and will always be. I'm strictly speaking of those that continue to perpetuate this cycle of ignorance rather in public or in private to their friends, family and kids. This is about YOU.

When I heard Mr. Floyd cry "mama", I thought of my boys in that position, helpless against someone that's supposed to help them. I and my kids #RefuseToBeNext

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