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Vegas First Haircut

(Note: Make sure you read thru and watch the video below!!!!! Trust Me!!)

So something dope (meaning "cool") happened this weekend, the ole lady gave me permission 😎 to finally cut Vegas hair! Knowing that her mind would probably change quick, I put the plan in motion without giving her a second to resend the offer.

This has been a huge debate in our house for the last couple of years as I've been attempting to do so, but she is the polar opposite, wanting to keep his "curls". I'm no cosmetologist and I haven't had hair since dubya was in office so there's not much I can do as far as his hair is concerned in the mornings. Yea I know you're thinking "You need to learn because you have 4 girls" yep, the answer to that is my world famous ponytail. BOOM don't judge me 🤣🤣

I called up my brother Darryl and set the appointment and we rolled on down.

He cuts at the "Old Familiar Barber Shop" in the Old Town East section of Columbus and is a cool spot. A mix of everything you would expect to find in a barbershop sans a television and the barbers come from all walks of life so the conversations are never one sided and I always leave out with a different perspective on a wide range of topics.

This place feels like the kind of shop my Grandad would've gone to and as someone that's big on nostalgia, I like that. Old school where a haircut comes with a razor edge cleanup and a shave starts with a nice cream lather from a machine (not a can) and ends with a relaxing hot towel.

Anywhoo, Back to the haircut

Vegas strolled in ahead of Munchie and I, cool as always, gave his Unc a five and sat in a seat playing his tablet.

Totally unaware of what was about to happen... To find out, watch the video below!

See below for more pics from our day at the shop and drop us a comment below!!

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6 Kids Crew!!
6 Kids Crew!!

I made the video and cant stop laughing at it LOL!

6 kids 1 tank
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