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When Winning Isn't Just About The Score...

2 days, 8 games, direct sunlight and 0 shade was all worth it! We are blessed and proud to be apart of the Barcelona Soccer Organization, where you don't just learn how to win, you learn how to support each other. ⚽️ ⚽️ Both our kids teams won CHAMPIONSHIPS in their respective brackets and as parents, it's rewarding to not only see your little ones win, but to see the bonds that are formed among them all.

Another thing we've always admired about this organization is that after winning a tournament, each girl goes and individually shakes the other teams hand personally. Not just in a line at the end of a game. That speaks volumes about an organization. ✊🏽🙏 😎🔥 Thanks to all the parents of Team Barcelona and the coaches as over the years as we've all become a family that supports each other OUTSIDE of soccer! GREAT JOB AND HUSTLE GIRLS!!! GO BARCA!!

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