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Your Last Chance!

This is your last chance to visit Cedar Point for the last time THIS DECADE as the gates will close for the season at 8PM on 10/27/19! Not to fear however, I mean this does signal the beginning of the long, cold, dreary Winter here in Ohio BUT when the park opens in 2020 it will be extra important as it will be the beginning of The AMAZEment Parks 150th year!!!

Don't miss your chance to experience all the surprises that are being planned for next year as this is your last chance, literally to save some money on your next visit(s). As we spoke about before, the GOLD PASS will allow you unlimited visits to Cedar Point AND CP Shores Waterpark PLUS free parking and discounts on overnight stays and merchandise!

It's important to note im currently poolside at Hotel Breakers, which I booked using my Gold Pass and tomorrow we'll go in the park and enjoy the last day. So yes, I can definitely vouch for the usefulness of it.

Don't forget if your tight on funds as many can be, you can pay $20 down and just $8 a month for 10 months! Speaking of saving money, they are having a ton of sales on merchandise, candy and food thru closing time tomorrow!

Purchase your pass NOW! CedarPoint.Com

And catch us tomorrow.... or next decade!!

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