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Sandusky Segwave Tours


Sandusky is a city of illusion, a reverse mirage if you will.  Known primarily to the masses for it's record breaking Roller Coasters and multiple Indoor Waterparks, you would severely be selling yourself short by not venturing past the obvious to find the hidden gems located past "the intersection of common knowledge".  In the middle of the renaissance currently in progress Downtown you'll find a cool new attraction that's sure to bring the 'Paul Blartt" out of anyone.

 Opening a little over 3 years ago, Sandusky Segwave merges two great experiences you've quite possibly never experienced into one, riding a Segway and touring Downtown Sandusky!  Always up for something new, we gathered our group, made a reservation and set out to learn all about the town on a Sunday morning!

With none of us having ever rode a Segway before, our initial thoughts were it should be easier than a hoverboard due to having handles to grasp.  But even with this additional feature, I still had visions of flying forward and face planting into the concrete, much to the delight of onlookers.

Those fears quickly subsided the moment we walked in as it was evident that safety was a serious priority!  We were fitted with helmets and given a safety course by Jim.  Most places would give you a 5 minute evaluation then send you on your haphazard way, but Jim made sure that everyone not only knew how to operate their Segway, but was comfortable enough actually riding, turning, stopping and going thru the motions.  He didn't rush anyone and provided us more than enough time before setting off on our expedition.

Paul Blartt Reporting For Duty!

We signed up for the 2 hour tour that took us thru several parts of town.  Over the years i'd like to think i've learned all there was to know about Sandusky but spoiler alert, I only knew a fraction!


Each of us had our own earpiece that aside from really reinforcing the Paul Blartt look, also allowed us to hear Jims narration along the ride.  Now a bit about Jim, you couldn't ask for a better trip guide.  There were 8 of us and he took his time, answered questions and listen, the guy is funny, not like the "trying to be funny" type, but just cool and effortlessly funny.  Even those without an interest in history found themselves fully immersed. 

During the ride we explored the Outdoor Art Sculpture exhibit, historic sites, parks, gardens, and the new Sandusky Bike Path, which winds along the Bay and along the pier (slow down on those turns LOL).  We even did a little offroading and had some "fun time" freewheeling thru a grass lot!


After your adventure you will definaly see how beautiful and historically rich Sandusky is!  1 hour tours are available however WE personally strongly encourage you to take the full 2 hour excursion.  Dont forget your GoPro or Camera as there are many, many picture perfect places that Norman Rockwell spent nights dreaming of.


 "Sandusky Segwave Cedar Point Boardwalk Tour". 

Cedar Point Amusement Park, along the shores of Lake Erie, can trace it's origins to a bygone era where travelers would arrive by the hundreds via steamship to enjoy live music and relaxation along the beautiful boardwalk.  Over the last few years, the park has been diligently making improvements to its waterfront resorts and expanding the boardwalk to now stretch from the front parking lot, all the way to the tip of the peninsula.

Keeping with improving the guest experience and adding amenities outside of rides (in addition to continuing to build synergy between businesses), Cedar Point and Sandusky Segwave are now offering the chance to take a tour along the boardwalk.  Were you aware that the following was at CP:

  • The location where the Football "Forward Pass" was perfected by Knute Rockne, whom is regarded by many as one of the greatest college coaches of all time.

  • A Pier at the tip of the peninsula that juts out into Lake Erie and provides relatively unknown views of Steel Vengeance and Maverick.

  • A historic lighthouse, built in 1839.

  • The grounds where a Civil War Battery once stood.

Most people have no clue that these important parts of history can trace their roots to "The AMAZEment Park", but during your Segwave Tour you learn all about them in addition to having the chance to get up close (and up under) the famous Magnum XL-200 "pretzel"!

The tours are offered twice daily at 9:30 & 11:30 AM and are limited to the first 4 riders, so its best to plan in advance!  The tour cost $65 per person and park admission is NOT required however the parking fee of $20 is, but is waived for Platinum Pass members!

For more information, contact Jim at Sandusky Segwave (419)-SegWave or reserve online at SanduskySegwave.Com , (you can find additional information about the Boardwalk Tour at CedarPoint.Com/Segway). Also, if you need a little more motivation, please check out Sandusky  Segwave's reviews on Google, Trip Advisor, Social Media and any other platform!

**Some photo's used with permission and courtesy of SS, Cedar Point and Edward Poves of**

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