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Splash Unit 2005E

By High Tide Florida Vacation Rentals


Keeping with our yearly tradition of visiting PCB and staying at Splash Resort, this year while searching for a new unit to enjoy we happened upon 2005E while searching on HomeAway.  The unit looked nice and the location on the 20th floor was one of our requirements.  After contacting the owner and speaking about the amenities of the unit we were sold not just because of the specs, but by how hospitable and responsive the owners were.  But more on that later.

Far Away, But Still Like Home..

2005 is located in the East tower on the aforementioned 20th floor and is a 2 bedroom unit with 2 full bathrooms and a spacious family room.  What set the tone as soon as we walked in was a sign on the wall that read "Heaven is a little closer in a home by the water", and from that point I immediately went into relaxation mode.

To the right is a hallway with entrances to the full "guest" bathroom and the 2nd bedroom, also off this hallway is the washer and dryer which is hidden behind a door out of sight.

Having a washer and dryer in the unit was a Godsend as it allowed us to pack as light as possible and always have clean clothes available.  Prior to arriving, the unit owner told us the dryer was broken but she would have it fixed right away.  Keeping to her word, the first day she asked when a good time would be to have the repairman come, opting for a time we would be away, in order allow us to do what we came to do... "Vacation while on vacation". While at the pool she texted me to let us know everything was back up and running.  Perfect!

The 2nd bedroom has a queen bed, Tv and a nice sized closet.  Located on the front end of the unit, it faces the street with no direct access to the outside, which we as parents liked from a safety concern viewpoint as we didn't have to worry about the kids sneaking out on the balcony (but of course we wouldn't because we have great kids that would never do anything like that right?!?).

The kids enjoyed having their own space where they could hang out and not have to sit around us "old people".  The bed was big enough for Scoop, Munchie and Chips but one night I came in and Munchie built a fort in the closet and used it as her own private "bedroom".  Needless to say each subsequent night came with the argument of who would get to sleep in there next.

Dining @ "Home"

Panama City Beach is a food lovers paradise which is evident as I probably gain 15-20 pounds every visit and with our large brigade eating out every night quickly becomes expensive.  So we enjoyed the spacious full kitchen that made it easy to cook while most importantly saving money.  

All the needed utensils and cookware are provided and allowed us to cook lasagna, crab legs, steak, quiche, shrimp tacos and bake a cheesecake just as we would do at home.  Not all at once of course as i'm known to over-eat, but not like that.... sheesh

The attention to detail in the unit really gave it character and made it feel like home, from the wall decor and accent pieces all the way down to the kitchen table.  Everything has been added with a purpose, total comfort and relaxation.  The beach way! 

Where most rentals would just use a plain kitchen table, extra thought was put into adding this. The kids said it was cool because instead of individual chairs, there are 4 seats that attached to each post which swiveled back and forth.  Having a real industrial / retro look, it immediately commands your attention as its big and super sturdy, which we can attest to because the kiddos put the seats to the test swinging back and forth in them.

Living Room With A View

The kitchen flows into the living room which was nice as it allowed us to always spend time together while cooking and relaxing.  The couch was comfortable and converts into a sofa sleeper that Mj and the littles would battle over each night, often ending up with all three of them falling asleep there.

Along with the TV is a DVD player and you may not really think this is useful because well, who carries DVD's with them on vacation right?  Remember I stated on the prior page that Splash was a resort that fully immerses you and leaves you needing nothing after check-in.  Well staying true to that statement, you can rent DVD's in the lobby for free!  Perfect for after beach hours or the occasional rainy day.

Master Suite @ The Beach

Everytime we travel I compare the mattress in the master bedroom with the one we currently have at home.  If I can relax in it as I do the one we paid $1,200 for (ouch), then it gets our seal of approval.  Now understand that unfortunately every place we've stayed hasn't been up to par as some simply just believe it's about having a bed vs. investing additional money and purchasing a quality mattress for their guest.  With that being said, this King bed was damn comfortable, one would argue too comfortable as it made it hard to get up in the morning, resulting in some less than savory comments being leveled at me by Charisse 😂😂😁😢

The room is wide enough that we were able to put an air mattress down for the littles that never saw any use because, well as illustrated before, they would rather wrestle with Mj over the sofa bed than have their own.

You'll find your own flat screen Tv and a small radio that came in handy for us, as it's tradition on Sunday mornings to play music as we get the day started and let me tell you that any song by Sade paired with the sun rising over the water is as close to heaven on earth as one can get.

The master bathroom includes a long granite countertop littered with a mix of tan and brown specs and fitted with double sinks, also included is a shower and deep soaking tub.


Now to my personal favorite part of the condo, the balcony.  We love the fact that it can be accessed from both the living and master bedroom, allowing you to literally see the value in residing on the 20th floor.

The kids and wife can have the whole condo for all I care as long as they leave me with this "relaxation station".  This is worth the price of the condo alone as the 180 degree views seem to allow you to look all the way "the end of the earth" in any direction.  Making full use of the table and loungers,  we enjoyed breakfast in the morning on the balcony as the sun took its rightful place in the sky above.  Giving a new meaning to having your eggs "Sunny Side Up"!


Equally impressive are the night views as the moon seems to just hover and illuminate the water and sky equally as bright as the sun does during the day.  Each day would leave me eagerly anticipating the coming evening as there's no better feeling than being lulled to sleep by the rhythmic sounds of the waves chasing each other to shore.

The "World's Most Beautiful



I know I don't have to remind you that the main reason you even considered coming to PCB in the first place is to enjoy those miles of pristine shoreline.  When you stay at Splash and more specifically 2005E, you're as close as you can get to the crystal waters of the Gulf because you won't have to worry about finding a parking spot then lugging all of your stuff thru a parking lot and across a street, you literally just go downstairs and walk right on out!

An added benefit that you won't get with all condos is this unit comes with two beach loungers and umbrellas for the full length of your stay!  Understand when I say loungers, I don't mean flimsy metal chairs that you usually find at a friends cookout, I'm speaking of relaxing cushioned loungers that are already at the beach and set up for you each morning! 


6 Kids Tip: We recommend that the first morning of your stay you go down to the kiosk at the foot of the stairs and let the attendant know where you would like to sit and it becomes yours for the week!  Just make sure to do it early so you can lay claim to your piece of prime real estate!

Book Now, Before Someone Else



You can easily spend the majority of your time during the trip planning process worrying about where you will stay.  Will it be comfortable? How's the location?  Will it look like the pictures or am I being "Catfished"?, Will the owners be responsive to any request or issues that may arise?  Is the unit clean? and the list goes on.

Well we can tell you without question that unit 2005E will put all of your "Booking Anxiety" to bed with ease.  Something that definitely needs to be mentioned is the owners were responsive and proactive with communication before, during and after our trip, which is almost unheard of.  It's also comforting knowing that should any issues arise, they are local and right there to help.

Please click the link to book directly and if you have any questions we can answer, drop us a comment below!

Update! Since our visit the owners have totally upgraded with all new everything and it looks immaculate! See the upgrades via their booking page!


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