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the dairy hut

pataskala, oh

Sundaes on Sunday? The ole lady routed us to the Dairy Hut located just about 20 minutes outside of Columbus off of Dr. 310 and East Broad Street.

A cool little spot with old school milkshakes, malts, coneys and brats.

The foot long Coney and vanilla shake I had was pretty damn good.. plus they use those old school solo cups with the blue and purple lines on them, somehow that seems to make everything better 🙄

The kids had Cotton Candy shakes and they said they tasted like... well.. Cotton Candy! Guess that's a good thing right? 10 points for The Dairy Hut!

If your looking for somewhere cheap and relaxed for a Sunday drive... give Dairy Hut a shot!

the dairy hut
42 S Main St, Pataskala, OH 43062
6 kids 1 tank
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