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The Yard Milkshake bar

Pier Park

Scoop has the fortune each year that her birthday (6/12) always falls while we are in Panama City, Beach (which causes some tension with the other kids I admit), so the ole lady went searching for something different we could do outside of just cake and ice cream and she found this place and suggested we try it out.

I admit, when she told me we were going to a milkshake bar, I had no clue as to what it was and didn't see anything special about it because well we can get milkshakes at McDonald's right?

After pulling up their menu and reading off some of the names "Magical Unicorn", "Mint Moosetracks" & "Doughnut Touch My Cream" I chuckled to myself and figured we would give it a shot, I mean after all it didn't matter what I thought about it after all I had two major factors against me, Mom called the shot (and wasn't really asking for approval) and it was Scoops B day right?.. Ok, lets roll!

"Back in my day" (Lord i'm getting old) when you ordered a Milkshake you walked up to the counter and asked for one of the basic mainstays and if you were felling a lil "froggy", you would go exotic... you know, Cookies N' Creme or Mint Chocolate Chip etc.

Well throw that train of thought out the window at The Yard! With as many options as they have, you grab a menu and a pencil, have a seat then let your creativity run wild!

Quite possibly the ONLY time the kids were quiet during the trip was during this time of deliberation in deciding what to order, then out of the blue, in unison, as if they were using telepathic communication, they all got up and proceeded to order their shakes.

I won't sit here and pretend or even try to remember some of the names that were being spouted off at a rapid pace, the lady behind the counter was obviously seasoned and used to this as she knew exactly what was being ordered and never had to ask for clarity, which is amazing in itself as I almost have to ask my kids multiple times what they are asking for at a drive-thru window ("Dad I said Chicken Nuggets" LOL).  What I did know is that whatever they ordered sounded like they would need help finishing it.

After about a 10 minute wait the moment of truth had arrived and when the "Shakes" (a term I will use loosely from this point on) came out, it looked like Merlin The Magician (another reference that dates my age) was in the back waving his magic wand over a blender and a couple tubs of ice cream! Seriously!

I saw cupcakes hanging off the side of jars, gummy worms sticking out of scoops of ice cream like a worm peaking out of the ground to see if the rain is falling, kit kat bars jutting out like twin Eiffel Towers, sour strips, whole slices of cake, doughnuts balanced perfectly on top, I mean seriously, from now on calling these monstrosities Milkshakes is doing them a disservice. 

The kids faces showed a mix of amazement, astonishment, disbelief and pure joy all at once as they went to town on their respective choices.  Sampling each others concoction to see who's was best.  

About 2 minutes into their foray, my niece "Cheeks" (everyone gets a nickname around me!) said it best... "This... Place... Is... AWESOME!!"

I have to admit... It definitely is.

Was the ole lady right in picking this place.... She definitely was!

Some of the other "shakes" @ the yard!

15801 L.C Hilton Jr. Dr. #110

Panama City Beach, FL 32413

# 850-708-3226

6 kids 1 tank
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