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toft dairy ice cream parlor
sandusky, oh

Throughout the course of our visit to the area whenever we would eat the kids would attempt to order dessert but we wouldn't allow it because we knew a place they would love was on the itinerary. 


That stop happened to be to the legendary “Toft’s Ice Cream”! Which happens to be home to “Ohio’s Oldest Dairy”.  A little background as I grew up eating “Toft’s” as a kid at Cedar Point and had no clue that the Parlor existed, so I was pretty pumped about it and was sure the kids would be too (if they weren't, well I would just eat their Ice Cream for them).  Vegas lit up as soon as he saw the “Cow Windmill” in the distance and no sooner than we could put the car in park, he hopped out of the Tank and ran inside!

With Toft's being a full service dairy, there is a distinct difference you can taste since (as I grossed out the kids by saying) "You're getting it straight from the cow's udder"!  Keeping it "fresh" all milk comes within a 50 mile radius, 365 days a year.


The parlor also doubles as a storefront where you can purchase milk, dips, sauces and ice cream to take home with you.  If you live in an area that (unfortunately) doesn't carry Toft's, you WILL want to take some home with you.

Let me give you a heads up, in Toft’s world, “request a scoop & get two!” as a scoop is actually a double, so the kids eyes lit up when their cones were handed to them fully loaded.  


Totally mind blown while looking down into the cooler at all the flavors they could choose from, with most choosing “Birthday Cake”, Chipmunk loves Cedar Point as much as I do and out of loyalty selected the “Cedar Point Cotton Candy”.  Munchie kept to her M.O. and asked for Mint Chocolate Chip (and proceeded to wear much of it around her mouth as she dug into her cone face first). Scoop jokingly said that the Birthday Cake “Tasted like her birthday!” Me being a creature of habit, ordered a Vanilla Milkshake, sorry I lied, I actually ordered two shakes, one to go as I  finished the first one while looking at the cool Sandusky murals painted on the wall.


Toft's has several locations including one at Cedar Point.  The Sandusky Parlor location has limited indoor seating however crowds seem to move fast and there is also outdoor seating in a covered pavilion.

3717 Venice Rd,

Sandusky, OH 44870

(419) 625-5490

6 kids 1 tank
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