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VOices of america Park

west chester twnshp, oh

Post-it Notes, Potato Chips, The Pacemaker, Inkjet Printer, Penicillin and The Microwave all have one thing in common, take a guess....

They were all invented by accident!

Some of the best things in life come unplanned and strictly by accident and such was the case with our time at the Voices Of America Park!

Our trip to Butler County was over and it was time to go home, exhausted but excited, it was time to switch gears and mentally start getting ready to be parents again in a couple of hours.  As we drove towards interstate 71 to head north and longing for an excuse to spend just a little more time with each other, Charisse pointed out a large lake to our right where a few people were paddle boating. 

Voice of America Park sits on a portion of the land originally used by the Bethany Relay Station, A radio broadcast center that was essential in informing Americans and others stateside and abroad about the World Wars and to counter foreign propaganda.


The park is a massive 435 acres with 9 miles of trails, A lodge, Athletic complex, Dog park, Sledding hill during the winter months and wide open Meadows.  The portion that caught our eye was the 35 acre lake where you can rent Row & Pedal boats, Kayaks and Stand up Paddle Boards.  


We opted for the Pedal boats as i'm not the biggest fan of falling off a Paddle Boards and that would've surely happened.  The fee was $16 for an hour and since this was the first time i've done something like this in close to two decades, it was sure to be fun (as long as we didn't somehow manage to end up at the bottom of the lake).

6 kids 1 tank
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